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Foreign Relations

Eiffel Tower Shot Trente-Cinq. Leah, Chris, and Christina walk home. Leah says that Ace is either sleeping on the couch, or in the Jacuzzi. Chris adds, "Or cooking." Leah adds, "Or downloading music." Look out, Ace! The RIAA is going to come after your ass!

Ace interviews that he wishes his roommates hadn't tried to cover for him, because he would rather take the blame himself. Ace and Adam sit at the computer, downloading love songs. I might have made up that last part. Adam says that he doesn't want to "go there." Ace says that he needed a break from everything, and that he hates the office, and that he hates the colors. Something about the office drives him crazy. Let me guess. The work? Ace voice-overs that he doesn't know what Brice will do about his absence. Ace is on the phone again, explaining to Brice that he's really homesick and that things have been tough. Ace interviews that Brice said he wouldn't get his salary this week, and Ace totally understands that. Finally! Consequences. I love Brice.

Chris interviews that he can relate to the way that Ace is feeling. Chris asks Ace to tell him about Georgia. Ace says that he misses his friends and family, and his wonderful life. He's Jimmy Stewart! Ace says that his roommates are all negative and argumentative and he can't stand it. Chris interviews that he doesn't want Ace to go home, and that he's trying to be there for Ace. Chris thinks Ace will regret it if he goes home early. Chris tells Ace that they have soldiers in Iraq, so it makes Chris feel stupid to think that his life is hard, because he could be at war. Good point, Chris. Wow, a Real World roommate who's not entirely self-involved? What a rarity. And what a subtle segue into the next segment. Also subtle: the shot of cannons in the following montage.

Ace's friend Jim is on the phone. Jim tells Ace that CNN had a warning for Americans living abroad, because America is preparing to go to war. Ace clarifies that the war will be against Iraq. Ace admits that he's totally clueless as to what's going on, because they don't have a television. Yes, because the only source of information in the world is the television. It's really too bad that the roommates don't have access to newspapers or the internet. Oh, wait. They totally do. Maybe Ace should spend a little less time on Kazaa and a little more time on

Ace cooks some steaks and calls out, "U-S-A, baby." Ace calls out that the U.S. is going to war with Iraq. Ace thinks it's about time. Chris adds that the President said that any Americans who are out of the country should come home. I'm so sure that BMP would put themselves at even a minimal amount of risk to lawsuits by letting the roommates be in danger. Chris interviews that he feels like a target in France because he's American. Notice that he didn't say what he'd be a target of. Eggings? Practical jokes? Shit bombs? ["Plus, just do what every American does overseas when they don't want to attract the locals' negative attention: pretend to be Canadian." -- Wing Chun] Christina says she's a little nervous. In a confessional, Christina says that she doesn't know the rules of war, and that if the U.S. attacks Iraq, then they have the right to retaliate. Because unless we attack them first, under the rules, they can't do anything. Do these people even listen to what they are saying?

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