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Foreign Relations

Previously on The Real World: Ace thought Paris was just all right, and wanted to go home to America. Mallory confronted Leah in a Swiss restaurant. Simon didn't know how to bring up his problems with Leah, which is footage they totally didn't show last week. Ace hated France some more.

The Dreaded Comic Sans Font of Captioning explains that the events in this episode took place in March 2003. Seriously. Bunim Murray Productions. Please use any other font besides Comic Sans for your captioning needs. You're killing me. Also, you might want to think about hiring a new graphics person, because that text is so seriously out of any kind of alignment that it needs a chiropractor. So, we've come to the point in the season where the house is a mess. Will it be like in Seattle, where they had a mouse? The camera pans across a disgusting kitchen, filled with dirty dishes, half-empty glasses, and food scattered all over. Ace interviews that they are "the seven messiest people" to ever live together. Christina interviews that they need to do something, because it's hard to come back from vacation to a dirty house. Wow, Christina and I totally agree on something! I always clean my house before I go away, because I find it so depressing to come home to my normal filth and squalor.

Christina uses a feather duster on the hardwood floors. Two words, Christina. Swif. Fer. ["In France, it's Le Swiffeur." -- Wing Chun] Leah interviews (in her usual annoying shtick of asking herself a question and then answering it that I have always hated but that I hate even more now that Leah is doing it), "Do I want the house clean? Yeah." She adds that she's not going to follow around after her roommates and clean up. The roommates do a group cleanup. Ace announces that he's vacuumed and swept the whole house, and now he's spent. Simon asks whether he cleaned the upstairs, and Ace details all of the parts of the upstairs that he did. Ace interviews that he feels like he does more around the house than anyone, and he never gets a thank-you. Ace is a '50s housewife! He should put on high heels and a pearl necklace. I'm sure Adam has some he can borrow. Christina starts squealing. Dogs all over the Continent prick up their ears. Christina, frustrated, tells Ace that he can't just throw everything in the closet. Ace interviews that he was trying to be nice by putting her clothes in the closet. Ace tells her that it's cleaner in their room. Christina says she had her laundry all organized. Ace apologizes and then says that he cleaned the whole room. Seriously. How long does it take to sort clothes? Maybe Christina should get her shit off the floor if she cares about it so much.

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