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Flora Makes It Her Business

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Flora Makes It Her Business

A fast guitar riff of "wow, we're really moving along here!" plays. It is a lie. We see Saul, the roomies' lawyer, lumber across the street and plunk down with Flora and Delicious Delivery Mark, Sincere or Opportunistic? (tm sgib). Flora says about five times that she wants to open a coffee shop, in a few different shots. Yes, we remember. And shut up, Flora. She's "excited" about a location she saw for said coffee shop that's "all ready to go." Is it on Lollipop Lane? You know, in Fantasyland? With big puffy clouds all around? Whee, coffee shop! La la la! Flora is like, do you think we can get it? Saul sucks down some iced coffee and intones that he thinks so; all they need is the shareholder's agreement. Flora's face falls, and you know she knows she isn't getting what she wants. Oh, boo hoo. But let's watch for the next half hour anyway.

A few neon signs and palm trees later (what, no Jet Skis?), we're back at the house. Flora clutches Leroy to her chest and asks Joe and Mike whether they're available to meet and mock her dreams some more. They slackly lie in bed. Flora says again that Delicious Deliveries is "not going to work," and that she wants to do a "full gourmet coffee shop." Really? Wow! If only you had said that before! Because I was under the impression that you were a total bitch! Flora explains about the location she looked at and that it would be perfect for a you-know-what, and Mike says in an interview that the thought of Flora handling "[their] money frightens [him]." Boo! Aah! I'm scared too. He goes on to say, "It's bad, very bad." Word, very word. Flora says that they can make "lots of money," and then we hear ABC's "(Tell Me) How to be a Millionaire," a song from the '80s, for god's sack. Give me "Shoot that Poison Arrow"; that's a good one. We zoom toward the house, and then wham, we're in a meeting with the Landon man. Flora is all, let's hurry this along, but Landon thinks that they should "analyze the new business from scratch." Sarah says that the reason they went with Delicious Deliveries in the first place was "to, you know, think small." Plus the fact that it was Mark's concept and business model and that they didn't have to do much work themselves. Landon says that they have to write a menu, price it out, and then cost it to get the total food cost margin. In seven days. Mark is like, "It sounds simple, but is complex." Oh, and he doesn't want to do it all by himself again. Flora flips her pen around and says, "It's going to happen because I want it to happen." Sarah cannot roll her eyes enough. No one else is at the meeting -- just those four. Flora? Give it up.

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