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Flirting With Disaster

The tag from the previous episode consisted of the roommates discussing their first kisses. CJP said that she thought kissing was gross, and that it happened while she watched Home Alone in a movie theater. I'm so old. Keri says that she got pissed at the first guy she kissed, while they were kissing, so she bit his tongue on purpose. Ouch! CJP says that the first guy who went up her shirt commented that her breasts felt like water balloons. Kyle asks if she's sure that the guy didn't say grapes. Heh.

Previously on The Real World: Tonya went home because her kidneys hurt. Aneesa didn't trust Tonya. Tonya leaned over and screamed while clutching her back. They didn't show that last week, but it still wouldn't have made me believe that Tonya was having serious kidney problems. In fact, it seems quite melodramatic and fake. Keri thought that she and Kyle had feelings for each other. In an interview, Kyle imitated Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, or so I've been told. When they showed that clip, J-Dawg asked if they were casting mentally challenged people now. I told him that they're not, but last season probably would have been a lot more interesting to watch if they were. Anyway, Keri and Kyle were grab-assy all over the place, and CJP was interested to see what would happen with them.

The van gets a flat tire. Keri gets out to investigate, and when she announces that the tire is flat, everyone else piles out. Keri lies right down on the ground and starts setting up the jack while all the guys stand around and watch. In an interview, Keri reminds us that she's independent and can take care of herself. Theo starts spouting off opinions, but doesn't actually make any moves to help. Keri says that you need to loosen the bolts on the tire before you jack the van up. Kyle doesn't listen, and immediately grabs the jack and puts it under the van. Keri explains that you should loosen the bolts first, because if you try to loosen the bolts while the van is in the air, the wheels will just spin. Well, that's not true. If she were going to make the argument that loosening the bolts while the car is jacked up might lead to knocking the van off the jack, I would buy it. But the spinning-tire thing is just patently not true. However, Keri's way would also work, and she's the one who is actually on the ground, getting her hands dirty, so I'd be more than willing to let her continue. Then again, I'm lazy. In an interview, Keri says that they think she doesn't know anything because she's a girl. Chris, Theo, and Kyle take over the tire-changing duties. Keri walks off, and tells CJP and Aneesa that she doesn't appreciate it when men tell her that she can't do something. Maybe Keri needs to take a look at her own issues; as far as we know, none of the guys told her that she couldn't do it. They just disagreed with her methods. Chris has trouble loosening the bolts. Keri tells the girls that she's "not a damsel in distress," and has changed five tires in the past six months. She might want to look into getting some new tires, or at least stop driving over so much broken glass. I've had one flat tire in the last six years! ["I've had one in the ten years I've been driving." -- Wing Chun]

The girls return to the van. Apparently, the guys were successful, since the tire is no longer flat. Keri gets into the driver's seat. In an interview, CJP says that Keri seems to deal with issues in "a male fashion" by letting them "roll off her back" and not bother her. Except that it's written all over Keri's face that she's annoyed or upset about something. I also kind of hate CJP's implication that women have to make a big fuss over every little thing. Just because CJP does, that doesn't mean that it's the female thing to do. CJP adds that Keri is "not incredibly emotional." How in the hell did she get cast on this show, then?

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