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Finally, Some Drama!

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Finally, Some Drama!

Instead of a "Previously On" segment, we get a "Tonight On" segment, which is kind of weird, like, can't we just watch the episode that follows to find out what will be on tonight? Anyway, tonight, Theo, CJP, Aneesa, and Tonya help some kids paint a mural. Aneesa hooks up with a chick named Veronica, and then yells at her.

Hey, did you know that there are roads with cars in Chicago? I didn't, but thanks to the footage I just saw, now I do! Anyway, cut to the loft, where Aneesa is opening a package. It's from her mother, and it contains a basket of smelly skin stuff, like lotions. CJP walks up, and Aneesa says that she loves her mother, and that she's incredibly generous. CJP gives herself a French manicure. It's unclear to me if she brought that stuff with her, or if she snatched it out of Aneesa's care package. Aneesa says that she feels so special right now that she wants to take a shower. Wuh? I mean, I guess I understand why, given the type of gift she just got, but that's a weird thing to say. Aneesa adds that her mother does love her, but doesn't approve of everything she does. Which is a nice segue to the next segment.

Aneesa calls her mother to thank her for the gift. Her mother asks if Aneesa's room is clean, and Aneesa says that nobody's room is clean. Her mother asks why Aneesa's at home and not at work. Wow, her mother is kind of annoying with all the questions. Aneesa explains that her job will be painting a mural with kids, and her mother asks who is lifeguarding. Aneesa tells her that Keri, Kyle, and Chris are the lifeguards. Aneesa's mom asks, "How's my Kyle?" Aneesa says that Kyle is hot. Her mother asks, "What's the story in that department?" Aneesa says nothing is going on, and her mother disappointedly says that Aneesa is "still the way [she] left." Meaning, Aneesa is still gay. Her mother says that she is warning Aneesa, and that she doesn't want Aneesa to "come crying to [her]." Aneesa asks what she's talking about, and wonders if her mother doesn't want some woman to fall madly in love with Aneesa. This is the strangest conversation ever. Aneesa quickly but not unkindly says that she's going to hang up, and that she loves the gift, because it made her feel better. Her mother says okay, and Aneesa hangs up with a big sigh.

Aneesa stands on the street, talking to some blurry-faced girls. In an interview, Aneesa says that before she left to come to Chicago, her mother told her a bunch of things that she couldn't do while she was there. One of the things she couldn't do was date girls. She also couldn't curse, and that she had to be a lady all of the time and date guys. In other words, her mother wanted her to be someone that she is not. Aneesa wipes away tears as she says that she can't help being the person she is. Aneesa bids goodbye to her "dawgs" on the street. In an interview, Aneesa says that she has to watch what she's doing at all times, and in doing that, she's not being herself.

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