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Finally, It's Justin's Turn

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Finally, It's Justin's Turn

Previously on The Real World, Justin arrived at the house only to have Teck (who was swimming naked in the pool) scream out, "Are you gay? Are you gay?" This made Tetanus Girl feel sorry for Justin. So, this episode it going to be all about Justin.

I would like to point out that Wonder Bread wears the same lime green shirt about fifty per cent of the time. He's even wearing it in the credits. Dude, it's not that cool a shirt. And even if it were, you could try wearing something else once in a while.

At Local Motion, Wonder Bread introduces a "comedian" (and I use the term only in the loosest sense of the word) named Augie T. The captioning keeps saying "Oggy" instead of "Augie" but I'm going with the latter spelling. Augie breaks out in a flop sweat while talking about how they have all different kinds of Barbies now including "Oriental Barbie." Is that the one that comes wrapped up in a rug? Or do you think he meant "Asian"? Then he says that if there were a gay Barbie, it would have Barbie's body and Ken's head. I have a few things to tell Augie. One, there is a gay Barbie. It's called Ken. Second, is he trying to say that gay men have bodies like women? Wouldn't that actually be Transsexual Barbie? Third, I thought comedians were supposed to be funny. My bad.

Annoying comments on how bad the show is. It isn't clear whether she means bad in the sense of unfunny or bad in the sense of offensive. Actually, either would apply here. Justin looks uncomfortable. Of course, as soon as a gay joke is made, the producers cut to Justin. Because he's the only person in the room who could possibly be offended by it. Teck says in a confessional that he wasn't offended by the "jokes" because he's not gay.

After the "comedic performance," Wonder Bread, Colin and Justin are having a discussion. All three are wearing Hawaiian shirts. I hope to God that is the uniform for Local Motion employees. Wonder Bread says that "Everything [Augie] says sounds funny." Colin says, "Some of it is funny" (which could be true -- to be fair, we only saw a few moments of the routine). Justin asks if Wonder Bread really thought it was funny. Wonder Bread says Augie "handles himself well up there". This just serves to confirm to me that Wonder Bread has no taste. Of course, this should have been obvious after the green shirt.

Justin and Wonder Bread head to a radio station to promote their shows at Local Motion. It's Justin's first time being there. Augie is there too. The DJs start to interview Wonder Bread, and the first thing out of his mouth is how he has been checking out the wahines, which means "ladies". In a voice- over, Justin notes that Matt starts speaking and participating in what's going on in the room, and it's ugly. Back in the studio, Wonder Bread reads a news item about how some lawmakers in Alabama are trying to outlaw vibrators, and everyone has a good laugh about women's sexuality. Because THAT'S funny. Justin again notes in an interview that a big part of the schtick is "talking about women in an objectifying sense, in a silly sense, in a demeaning, small sense." Back in the studio, they ask Justin to say something and he declines (politely, I might add). In a confessional, Wonder Bread says that Justin appeared sour. Then he channels that seventy-five-year-old man again, and says that Justin has "melancholy." Sars and I predict that his next words will be "slacks," "dungarees," "davenport," and "jalopy." I guess we were wrong. Anyway, Justin and Wonder Bread leave the studio.

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