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Previously on The Real World: CT told his dad that he was making up his review, and that he felt bad about it, but that he has to eat. That's funny. Last week, they made it out like CT wasn't telling the truth because he didn't want to get Leah in trouble. Brice told the roommates that in their last week, they needed to write their bios. Mallory admitted that she liked Ace and wanted to spend the rest of their time in the house hanging out together and giving each other piggyback rides.

Just a warning that, due to the Thanksgiving holiday and surrounding festivities, I didn't have time to watch anything awesome this week. Look for the Most Awesome Thing's triumphant return when I write about the reunion special.

Eiffel Tower Shot Cinquante-Six. Ace writes on a cardboard box, "Going Back to Normalville!!!" Is that in Ohio? The roommates pack their belongings into boxes. Mallory interviews that she's thinking about how their experience is ending. Christina writes on a box, "Bye bye Paris" with a frowny face. I like Christina, but sometimes she acts like she's ten years old. What's next, glittery heart-shaped stickers?

Ace and CT sit in the hot tub in front of an American flag and discuss what they miss about America. CT says he misses automobiles and gas stations. They don't have cars in France? Do they all ride les bicyclettes? Ace says he can't wait to put behind him croissants and girls that don't speak English. Yes, croissants are bad, unless they are part of a breakfast sandwich served at Burger King. What is wrong with croissants? Like if Ace had said, "No more frogs' legs or snails," maybe I could get behind that. Ace can't wait for Georgia peaches and Southern belles. Ace interviews that he misses his friends and family. Ace confesses that he hasn't had bacon or a waffle in four months. Okay, he's in France, not Afghanistan. I'm sure he could find bacon and waffles. As one of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters pointed out, Ace isn't that far from Belgium, and I hear they have pretty good waffles. Worst-case scenario, he could probably pick up some Eggos at the grocery store. I forgot how much Ace's xenophobia annoyed me.

Leah finds some photos and squeals. Simon comes over to check them out. Leah shows off photos of her trip to Florence to see Giuseppe. Leah interviews that she doesn't expect much from Giuseppe, but that she thinks he's a great guy, and that it was romantic and fun to hang out with him.

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