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Fiji Water

Sarah heads back outside for Conquest #2. She interviews that she knows she's being out of control, and that she gets like that sometimes, and she just doesn't care. She's awfully defensive for someone who doesn't care. Shavonda interviews that Sarah wants to hook up with one of those guys, and that she doesn't really care which one it is. Sarah takes the guy back to her bungalow. Shavonda, horrible friend that she is, knocks on the door and asks to come in. What does she need that is so important it couldn't wait fifteen minutes until Sarah is finished? Sarah is all, "Uh, hold on." Sarah lets Shavonda in, and the guy runs out the door while they're not looking. Sarah and Shavonda both crack up. Shavonda cries, "He ran out like a squirrel! He escaped!" Sarah wonders if British people are incapable of having sex.

Landon and Shavonda hang out by the ocean. Landon notes that the moon is lit from the bottom. Shavonda tells him what happened with Sarah and the guy who ran out. Landon asks which guy it was, because Sarah was with more than one guy that night. Shavonda doens't know his name. Shavonda interviews that Sarah thinks they're leaving tomorrow, but they're actually staying another night. Shavonda thinks Sarah might go for a trifecta.

Sarah hangs out with a guy named Alex. She interviews that they made out but didn't have sex. Okay, here's my criterion for whether or not a woman's sexual behavior is inappropriate. I ask myself how I would feel if a man did the same thing. And if a man tried to hook up with three different girls in one night, I would find it pretty goddamned skeevy. I can support Sarah's wanting to hook up on vacation, but I think she should have thrown in the towel when the first attempt didn't work out. Because now she looks predatory at worst, and desperate at best. Neither one is a good look.

Speaking of people who reek of desperation, Landon is trying to get Shavonda to make out with him. They lie in bed together. Landon says that he likes her, and that he would think of it as more than a hookup. He wants her just to tell him if she doesn't feel the same way. Shavonda says that she's starting to think it might be a possibility. Oh, just make out with him already. Jesus. Landon says that the location is beautiful, and that he just wants to kiss her. He asks what she wants, and whether she wants to stay there tonight. Shavonda interviews that she's attracted to Landon, but that she's not ready to hook up yet. Landon interviews that he wanted things to be romantic, but tha it's not happening.

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