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Fiji Water

No Most Awesome Thing this week. I'm having ongoing laptop problems that can't possibly be a result of my laptop being from about 1993, right? Who knew computers weren't meant to last twelve years with no mechanical problems? And that it would be impossible to get replacement parts for such an old computer? Anyway, on with the recap.

The roommates pack to head to Fiji. MJ notes that they're going to be on the plane for more hours than they usually work in a week. A flight from Philly to New York would take more hours than they work in a week. Karamo gallivants about, happy to go on vacation. Sarah doesn't think she'll ever get all her clothes to fit in a suitcase. She has three bathing suits. I have never owned more than one bathing suit at a time. Well, actually, right now I own two, but that's only because I bought a new one, forgot I ever bought it, and bought another one. And have worn each of them about five times ever. Shavonda asks MJ if he's down for skinny-dipping when they arrive, and MJ agrees. Shouldn't skinny-dipping be a little more spontaneous than that? It seems kind of lame if you're planning it, like, weeks in advance.

Shavonda talks to Shaun on the phone, and he says he misses her. Shavonda interviews that she knows Shaun misses and loves her, and that she feels the same, but that she's trying to live her life on her own, not as part of a couple. Shaun tells Shavonda to have the best time she can in Fiji. Shavonda asks how he would feel about her going skinny-dipping, and he immediately asks her not to do it. Oh, come on. First of all, why does she need his permission? And second of all, who cares? It's not like they'll show it unblurred on TV. Shaun asks why she would want to, and Shavonda says they're all doing it. Shavonda interviews that she's been honest with Shaun, so she won't feel guilty when she gets home. Shaun says he'd feel better if "they" didn't see Shavonda naked. No idea who "they" are. MJ and Landon? The viewers? The crew? Don't know.

The next morning, a shuttle bus pulls up and the roommates excitedly head out. I was really looking forward to recapping this episode, mostly because I knew that there would be a lot of filler travel scenes, which are probably second only to the musical montage scenes in terms of easiest to recap. Landon interviews that he's open to anything happening in Fiji because "what happens in Fiji stays in Fiji." Can we retire the "what happens in _______ stays in ________" phrase from the lexicon now? When a tourism board uses it in a campaign, it's no longer hip. Karamo yells out goodbye to their house, and Willie jokes that this is the first time Karamo's not late for a road trip. Everyone applauds. Karamo laughs and jokes that "people of color can be on [their] own time sometime, but not for a free trip." Melanie interviews that she doesn't know where Fiji is, and apparently had no access to a map, or a book, or the internet. Wouldn't you want to know where you were going?

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