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Fear of a Black Planet

Previously on The Real World: Tonya lived in foster care, and thus her whole life sucks. Kyle has a "soulmate figure," so he can't get involved with Keri. What does that even mean? Keri doesn't want to put up with Kyle's crap. Kyle begged Keri not to close him off, but Keri said it was all Kyle's fault. Yawn. Does anyone find bickering couples entertaining, really? CJP thinks that Kyle is attracted to Keri and it's "tearing him apart."

CJP, Kyle and Keri stand in a train station. CJP says that she swallowed a bug. Keri can't believe it, and CJP says that she really didn't; she was just using it as an excuse to give Kyle and Keri some time alone. Good one. That's the best she could do? CJP says that she doesn't know how to mediate Kyle and Keri's dispute. So...don't? Who asked her to get involved? Keri walks over to Kyle who asks when they are going to talk about Keri's "major 'tude and...major issues." Keri denies that she's having those problems now, but admits that she was earlier. Kyle wants to know when they will discuss them, and Keri puts him off. Just wanted to add in that I really hate when people use the word "'tude." Just a pet peeve of mine.

Keri, Kyle, and CJP arrive home, and you can totally see the camera man in the elevator as they step out. Theo is having some lady friends over to hang in the hot tub. Ew. One girl is totally sitting on Theo's lap and rubbing up against him. Please. Another girl frolics in the water. Theo removes his shorts and hangs out in his underwear. In an interview, Kyle explains that Theo brought home a bunch of girls he's only known for a few minutes. Chris steps out of the shower and explains to Kyle and Keri that he was sleeping when Theo just showed up with a bunch of ladies, and that one of them puked in the shower. Keri wants to know who puked. Chris doesn't know which one.

Keri walks through the house "yelling." Actually, it looks like they filmed Keri walking through the house but purposely only showed her from the back, and then inserted a voice-over from an interview or something. We hear Keri yelling that she doesn't know these people and that she's not going to clean up after them. She reaches the hot tub room, where she sits down and has a cigarette, so clearly she wasn't stalking up there to yell at Theo, like the editors made it appear. Theo tells the ladies that Keri isn't mad and that they shouldn't "trip on Keri." Keri tells Theo that he should clean up the puke. In an interview, Theo says he doesn't feel responsible for cleaning it up, because he didn't give her the drinks. Hey, I'm fine with Theo making the girl who puked clean it up. But if it comes down to one of the roommates cleaning it up, that roommate should be Theo. Theo stands up and walks around with a towel, grinning. In an interview, Keri says that she holds Theo completely accountable because he invited the girls in at 4 AM. Kyle whistles and says, "This train is leaving! Who's on the way out?" Theo and a bunch of the girls get into the elevator. Theo is still only wearing a towel.

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