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Farewell, Frankie!

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Farewell, Frankie!

Boats, boats, boats! It's the all-boat edition, in honor of Frankie's departure. Mamie and Frankie walk outside so that Mamie can say goodbye. They walk awkwardly arm-in-arm as Mamie says that she doesn't want to leave. It's funny, because Mamie wears a lot of the same clothes as Frankie, but on Mamie they are cute, because she's fourteen, and that's when you are supposed to wear those kinds of outfits. Frankie interviews that Mamie doesn't think her sister is a quitter, because she knows that Frankie has reasons for her decisions. Yeah -- most of the time, that reason is, "To get maximum attention and to create maximum drama." Frankie asks Mamie whether she would stay or go. Mamie says that she would stay even if she weren't happy, but that's why they're different. Mamie says that Frankie makes herself happy and Mamie does as she's told. No, Frankie is selfish and bratty and never happy, and Mamie understands that sometimes you have to do something unpleasant in order to grow as a person. Frankie hugs Mamie.

Frankie's mom stands nearby and smokes, and while I don't condone smoking, especially around someone with a lung disease, I think that trying to parent Frankie would drive anyone to destructive behavior. I'm surprised she's not shooting up. Frankie interviews that she and her mom are very different. Yeah, her mom doesn't suck. Frankie tells Mamie to call when they get home. Mamie cries and gets into the car as Frankie walks back into the house. Frankie's family leaves.

Brad and Randy discuss what their Halloween costumes should be. Randy wants to be something morbid, like a dead gangster. Randy interviews that Halloween is his favorite day, and that they all decided to get dressed up. Randy wonders where he could buy a good Italian-style moustache. Is that a moustache that's been seasoned with basil and oregano? Brad says that it will be "Mario Brothers-style." The soundtrack editor lays in a blooping videogame noise. Randy starts singing the old-school Mario Brothers theme song. Brad thinks they should dress up as Mario and Luigi. Randy loves that idea. Brad starts imitating Mario and Luigi moves while driving, to Randy's great amusement.

That night, Brad and Randy get to work creating their costumes. They dye some clothing, which is pretty hardcore for a Halloween costume. Brad says that they just need the hats and moustaches. Randy repeats, "Hats. And moustaches." He is so stoned. Brad thinks people will call them the coolest costumes they've ever seen and just give them free things. Randy thinks their costumes might get them laid. I kind of love Brad and Randy together. They just have so much fun.

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