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We open immediately following the events of the previous episode (Robin and Brad's arrests, and the bail conversations). Jacquese tries to wake up Frankie, who has passed out on the giant beanbag. Cameran interviews that she never dreamed that two of her roommates would get arrested on the same night. Jacquese and Jamie discuss how they need to bail Robin out. Jacquese says that if they don't, Robin will be in jail until September 5, and some helpful on-screen text informs us that September 5 is three days away. Thank you! Jacquese interviews that Robin's bail is $8,000, which they don't have, but that they can go to a bail bondsman and put up 10% of the money. Jamie says that 10% of the bail would be $800. Jacquese says that he's got $300. It's nice that he's willing to do that. Although he does get his money back, right? As long as Robin doesn't skip town or something? I wonder if bails are higher in San Diego because it's so close to the Mexican border, and thus easier to skip out on. I'm just thinking out loud here. Jamie says that she has some money, too.

Frankie calls Dave, her boyfriend; she clearly just woke up. Dave asks her what happened last night, and Frankie sighs that she doesn't know. Frankie interviews that she woke up on the "love sack," which I guess is what they call the giant beanbag, but I don't think I'd want to sleep or sit on something called "the love sack." Frankie adds that she doesn't know what happened, but that she subconsciously feels guilty, as we see flashback footage of Frankie rubbing up on Randy. Dave asks Frankie whether she got his page, and Frankie says she's not even sure where her purse is. Dave immediately asks if she hooked up with someone at the bar. Frankie says that she didn't, and that she wants to come home. I still say that these two should just break up. Dave clearly can't trust her, and she clearly wants to be free to fool around with other guys. What kind of relationship is that?

Jacquese tells Randy that Robin got arrested, and Randy blearily says that he doesn't remember that happening. Robin calls and tells Jacquese that if they don't come and get her, she'll have to stay in jail overnight. Jacquese asks what she did. Robin says that she pushed a Marine, and then suddenly got arrested. Jacquese tells Robin the amount of her bail, and says that they're going to go to a bail bondsman tomorrow. Robin can't believe they are going to wait overnight. Shut up, Robin. You should be glad they are even taking your calls. They don't know you! They don't have to help you. That's a lot of money for people who are mostly marginally employed college students. Jacquese interviews that he's trying to let Robin know that she's going to have to spend the night, so that she shouldn't drop the soap. I think that only works with guys, Jacquese. Robin starts crying, and Jacquese tells her to call her parents and have them call the jail and get a referral to a bail bondsman. Robin isn't capable of doing that, so Jacquese offers to do it. He is the best friend, ever. Can you imagine calling the parents of someone you barely know, to inform them that their daughter is in jail? I wouldn't want to call my best friend's parents and say that. While talking on the phone, Cameran has made a new sign that says, "Free Brad and Robin."

Jacquese calls Robin's dad. It's now 4:00 AM in San Diego, and 7:00 AM in Tampa, where Robin's dad lives. Jacquese calls and starts by saying it's an emergency, which would give any parent a heart attack. Jacquese explains that he's Robin's roommate, and Robin's dad thinks that his name is Josh, which cracked me up. Jacquese says that Robin is "incarcerated" and needs bail money. I think Jacquese was trying to imitate the jail information guy. Jacquese gives Robin's dad the details of the alleged crime and the phone number to call, and Robin's dad promises to take care of it. Jacquese hangs up and tells the roommates that Brad only has to stay in jail until he sobers up, but that Robin is another story. Cameran asks what time Brad went to jail, and Jacquese says it's been three hours, and that they just have to wait for Brad to call. Jamie thinks they should just stay in the phone room and wait. Randy sprawls out on the floor and says he's too drunk to drive anyway. Cameran says she'll get some blankets, as the roommates prepare to wait for Brad's call.

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