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Eye In The Sky

Danny's on the phone with his doctor's office. He tells the person that he can't talk because he's in unbearable pain, but that he would love to talk to the doctor before he goes into surgery. Danny interviews that the doctor has to make an incision behind his eye and pop the bones back out to where they're supposed to be. God, I would just curl up in a ball and cry if that happened to me. Anything involving injuries to the eye just freak me out. Eyes are so vulnerable and squishy.

Danny tells Rachel that he wants to see the tape of the incident, because he wants to know whether he should press charges. Rachel wonders how that will work, since Danny doesn't even know who did it. Danny says that's why he wants to see the tape. Danny interviews that he wants to see the tape for safety reasons, to prevent something from happening to one of his roommates. Huh? Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he wants revenge or justice or something like that. Because it's not like if that one guy gets arrested, no other person in the city of Austin will harass the roommates. Rachel asks if Danny's just going to walk around town with a photo of his assailant, and Danny says he'll give it to the police.

The phone rings in the house, and Rachel tells Danny that the doctor is on the phone. The doctor says that they need the swelling to go down before they perform the surgery. Danny asks how long the healing process lasts after the surgery, and the doctor says it'll be about a week. That doctor could not seem less interested in comforting Danny or answering his questions. Danny interviews that he's nervous about "the up-and-coming surgery." So is the surgery on the rise? Is it America's Next Star? Danny adds that he's never had anything serious happen health-wise.

Rachel suggests that they all go to the Hard Rock Café and get milkshakes. Why would you go there for a milkshake? Maybe only certain restaurant will let them film inside. I'm just going to go with that idea. Danny says he doesn't want to go out with a giant bandage on his eye, and Rachel asks if it's because he's worried he'll see a pretty girl. Rachel points out that there aren't many prettier girls than Melinda and Jo. Danny says he doesn't think Melinda is interested in him. Rachel interviews that Danny's pulling away from Melinda, because he feels ugly, and like he doesn't deserve her. Why does everyone think she's all that? She must be one charming motherfucker in person. Rachel adds that all of the roommates think Danny and Melinda will hook up.

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