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Shots of everyone lounging around the house, looking unhappy. There's a house meeting coming up, Mohammed explains, where the topic will be "Puck: Will He Ever Shut Up?" Cut to Puck telling someone to shut up. Mohammed is wearing a green sweater and sitting in a red truck, all leaning out the passenger side like he just casually stopped to explain the Puck situation to us, and then he plans on driving off to find a show that might actually showcase parts of his life.

To see the tension leading up to this important discussion, we watch Cory write in her journal. ("Dear Diary, When will Puck fall in love with me? I'm getting so desperate that I'm thinking about walking in on Judd in the shower just to have someone look at me.") Judd and Pedro have a conversation we can't hear. Rachel practices rolling her eyes.

Cory explains to us that she doesn't want to gang up on Puck six to one because it could "create a lot more tension in the house." Cory does that weak giggle thing while she talks, as if she's dismissing her own words as stupid before she even gets a chance to say them.

Pedro plays pool. Rachel sits with a plate of uneaten food in her lap as she eats her fingernail and tells us in a voice-over that she's scared about tonight. She says she doesn't know what's going to happen.

Puck walks around the apartment. The excitement! The other kids watch Puck in the kitchen and discuss the fish tank, all waiting for someone to mention the meeting. Finally someone does, and Puck keeps grinding coffee beans asking whether they meant to say they were "eating" and not "meeting." Everyone asks Puck to join them in the living room, but he asks whether he may finish making coffee first. Then he slowly goes through the process of making coffee while everyone gets increasingly frustrated in the living room. Somehow Pam is both in the kitchen and sitting next to Judd in the living room because nobody on the editing staff cares about continuity.

Everyone stares at Puck as he joins them in the living room. Mohammed voice-overs that he's now the "agitator" since nobody else has the balls to talk to Puck. Mohammed tells Puck that they aren't happy with his attitude. Puck interrupts to say that this is the way he's been for years, and that he's not going to change who he is to satisfy some people who have been talking behind his back: "If anything, I'm going to challenge that." Cut to Mohammed in a rugby jersey looking like he's about to get his senior picture taken as he explains to us that they weren't trying to change Puck, but that they wanted him to change his behavior so that they could all live with him. See the difference? Me neither.

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