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Things that are going on that are more exciting than this show: the baseball playoffs. The leaves are starting to turn. My cat needs combing. A few new fall shows are actually pretty good. TomKat has miraculously spawned, which will no doubt prove hilarious for years to come. Oh, and George Clooney is coming out with a new movie-slash-opportunity to once again prove that he is the best American (nay, person) ever with all the old-timey values we seem to have lost as a country, doing so in order to somehow both earn the love of his father he never felt he deserved, and to karmically atone for all the fresh-off-the-bus poontang he picks up and ruins every single weekend. All of which: more exciting that this show. And because I am not the best person in America, you have to watch the "Previously..." on your own.

Sun. Austin. Warehouse. Danny sleeps with his head on Mel's boob. Mel asks what Danny's thinking about, and Danny's caved-in skull replies that he doesn't want to hurt her because he's been messed over in relationships in the past and he never thought he'd be in another one but he's liking it and that scares the hell out of him. Mel's like, "Dude. I was just asking to be polite." Danny camera-talks that his girlfriend back home fucked him over and he's scared. Man, relax, puss-boy. Girls aren't scary. You know what's scary? Spiders. And clowns. And those tiny fake corn on the cobs they put in salads sometimes. Ooh, and Teri Hatcher. She frightens the shit out of me. Mel replies that she doesn't want to hold Danny back. Danny whispers that it's really hard to trust a girl again in a relationship, but that Melinda deserves it. (No wonder he's whispering. He's hoping the mics won't pick up what he's saying, because goddamn his friends back home are going to wicked tease his ass about it.) Mel says it's weird, and that she never expected to have these feelings about anyone; Danny says he didn't either. Wow, are all relationship talks this fucking boring? No wonder we do them in private, because, like, yawn-the-fuck.

Mel camera-talks that she and Danny were having this conversation and "it" just kind of came up (dirty), and Danny asked her to be his girlfriend. Oy. Mel squees up her shoulders and turns red and says that she's really happy, "like a little schoolgirl." Yeah, one with giant whore boobs. Mel kisses Danny on the side of his head, causing it to cave in just a little more.

Austin. Austin. SXSW. Warehouse. Neh explains that they're all heading out to go meet with Film Guy to discuss their documentary.

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