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Enter Glen

Last week, David got the boot.

Dom plays Basil Exposition for a second, explaining to the camera that the roommates are going to interview three men, and pick one to be David's replacement. He wishes Bunim/Murray would make the choice for them, because he's not looking forward to grilling these three lads.

In his interview, Aaron wonders who he is to play God with these people's lives. Dude, you're not giving them brain transplants, you're picking a roommate. Aaron explains that he is uncomfortable deciding whether or not someone else is "worthy" of living with them, because...well, look at them (He said it. I didn't. I would have, but I didn't.) Aaron must have a hard time every year during rush week at Lambda Chi, because if interviewing a bunch of dudes and then deciding which of said dudes can hang with you isn't exactly what rush week is, then, well, I'm very confused about the Greek system.

Dom wonders if they ought to wear name tags during the interview. Aaron guffaws and suggests that when the first interviewee arrives, Dom ought to fake a seizure of some sort, and thrash around on the ground, and then he, Aaron, can run downstairs and "shove [his] wallet in [Dom's] mouth" and be all like, dude, this happens all the time! Dude, that's so fucking funny. Wanna do a keg stand? Duuuuuude! Dude. Totally.

In her interview, Irene snips sanctimoniously that Aaron "took it upon himself" to organize the roommate interview process. How dare he try to be organized, indeed!

Aaron thinks the potential roommates ought to meet the current housemates a few people at a time, so that they don't become overwhelmed. Tami thinks they shouldn't "baby" the potentials, because, after all, he has to live with all of them simultaneously, anyway. Beth sniffs that maybe they can just take turns asking questions. That is a better idea than screaming at each potential roommate all at once, yes. Beth is so in the running for a Genius Grant.

Tami explains that while Aaron wanted to talk to the potential roommates on a one-on-one basis, the rest of them talked him out of it. In the kitchen, Aaron is, again, obsessively cleaning an already clean stove top. Dude, OCD much? He sniffs sarcastically that they all ought to feel free to shoot down his ideas and not worry about his feelings at all. Everyone laughs at him.

Dom solemnly says that he also feels as though they are playing God with their potential roommate's life. Oh my God, people. It's The Real World. You're not deciding who gets your extra kidney.

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