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Previously, on The Real World: Elton wants everyone to produce an episode of their public-access television show. Remember that? It's kind of fallen by the wayside with the trip to South Africa and everything. Then we see two scenes that have not, in fact, previously been aired. In one, Danny tells us that his mom told his dad Danny is gay, but his dad hasn't said a word to him yet. In the other, Matt tells us that he thinks homosexuality is a sin. Big surprise there.

The show opens with a shot of people playing drums of various types in a public park of some sort. In an interview, Jamie says that he's going to produce the next show, and it will be about African music, and how it provided the foundation for jazz, blues, hip-hop, and rap. Wow, it's a good thing we have Jamie around to edumacate us! Next thing you know, he'll be teaching us about how early, white rock-and-roll stars stole blues songs made popular by black singers, and made lots of money without actually crediting the originals. Or how British rock bands ripped off riffs from American blues guitarists. Matt enjoys the drumming, saying that it brings him back to Africa. That sounds like it would be offensive, but well, they are playing African instruments and dressed in traditional African garb, so it's really not. Believe me, I would take any opportunity to point out something offensive spouted by Matt. And I will, later. Jamie invites the drummers to be on the show. Keep all that in mind, because you won't hear anything about it until after the next commercial break.

Julie asks Danny when his parents are coming, and Danny says tomorrow. Danny says that Paul is coming on Thursday, and his parents have never met Paul. Of course, we don't know what day "today" is, so all of this is pretty meaningless. In a really old and over-used interview, Danny says that his parents know he's gay, and they know that Paul exists, and that this is the first time in his life that he can be honest about who he's seeing.

Danny and Melissa go out to lunch. Now it's Danny's turn to talk about how sad his childhood was, because he played tennis and his dad never came to any of his matches. Well, he came to one, but then left before Danny actually played. Okay, that was kind of cold. Melissa says that sort of thing "matters, big time." I expected Melissa to start a game of one-upmanship, like, "Oh yeah, well my dad was an alcoholic!" To her credit, she did not. Danny talks about how he was always jealous of guys whose dads did things with them, like teach them baseball, because his dad didn't. In an interview, Danny says that he sees his dad is trying to improve things, but "it'll take years for [Danny] to get over [his] hang-ups with him." At least Danny acknowledges that he can't change his father's behavior, and can only change his own. Melissa says that Danny's lucky, because he has an escape in Paul, and Danny really lights up when Paul is around. Danny says that he's never had that before, and it puts a whole new perspective on life. Aww. Melissa says that Paul is too good to be true, and thus he must have one testicle or something. Danny says he can assure her that is not the case. Somewhere in Georgia, Danny's mom just hid behind a pillow while watching that scene.

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