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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

Melissa says to Julie, "I got dumped." Julie asks what she means, and Melissa says Blue's Clues hasn't called in three days, so he must think she's not cool. After how nicely she treated him on his birthday, I can't imagine why he didn't phone her immediately for a repeat performance! Julie says she has the "upper hand" in the relationship, although I can't imagine why. Kelley says it's not being dumped if they've only had one date. Ah, Kelley is wise. Danny opines that she got dumped because she didn't give him a kiss on his birthday. Danny's a little scamp, isn't he? Melissa slumps, chin in hand, and repeats that she got dumped. In an interview, where she is once again wearing that ridiculous hat, Melissa says it's embarrassing, but that's what she gets for trying something new. I would suggest she try something else new -- it's called "being polite" or "not being annoying." Suddenly, Melissa and Jamie are alone in the kitchen. Melissa says that in Tampa, those kinds of guys would never talk to her, and would "snub their noses" at her. Jamie says if they both moved to a city "like San Francisco," that they might interact. Melissa is drinking orange juice through a straw, and she says that they wouldn't, just like she and Jamie would never interact. Jamie tells her she's biased, and Melissa agrees, and says the only reason Blue's Clues likes her is...but she gets drowned out by Jamie saying that they are similar people. Melissa disagrees and Jamie says she's "stereotyping a whole group of people." Not that Jamie is bitter from the casting special or anything. In an interview, Jamie says that Melissa has issues with "rich, white..." and could someone finish a sentence around here once in a while? Jamie asks Melissa about the two of them, and Melissa says she would never talk to him in real life. Jamie tells her she's arguing his point. In an interview, Jamie says his relationship with Melissa is that he's "the embodiment of everything she hates." I do think Melissa is being ridiculous, but it's just like how she won't date a black guy because she dated a few black guys who were shitty. She deals in stereotypes, but gets mad if anyone stereotypes her.

Melissa is calling Blue's Clues. He asks if she got his message, and says he's been out of town for three days. Yeah, like that's not the oldest trick in the book. Then he tells her he doesn't know about "this thing." Melissa says she has been "having a bad attitude about him." In an interview, Melissa says he's not attracted to her, but to the "glamour and glitz of our beautiful house." In other words, he wants to be on camera. She continues by saying that she's getting attention from people who wouldn't normally like her. Blue's Clues tells her that people ant to be around her and some are real and some are fake. Melissa tells him he probably wouldn't like her in a "regular setting." Why doesn't she let him decide that? In an interview, Melissa says that he has "Gucci shoes" and she's in "Target jeans." She is really fixated on his shoes, isn't she? And what's wrong with Target jeans? Blue's Clues says he hopes she's not saying goodbye forever. Suddenly the camera angle totally changes and it looks like a different day, but Melissa is wearing the same outfit, so I guess not. That was confusing. The phone conversation ends. In an interview, Melissa says she wants to be a prize and she deserves to be earned. That's true, but maybe she should stop looking for a man and just focus on becoming a better person in her own right.

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