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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

It's the next day, and the roommates are getting ready to go to work. Kelley yells to Julie to hurry up. As they get into their vehicle, Jamie says that Julie takes the longest to get ready. They meet a bunch of people at NOA-TV, all of whom are identified, but I think that's just because the Real World crew identifies with the NOA crew and wants to give them props. If they become important to the season, I will identify them later. Phat Matt explains in an interview that Kelley is going to be the producer and Danny will be the technical director, which means that they will run the show. Danny is in the control room, getting instructions. Julie has headphones on and looks goofy. Jamie is running the camera. He says in an interview that he "gets a kick on adrenaline and sort of risk situations." I don't know how risky it is to put on a television show that probably ten people will watch, but whatever. They do a countdown to begin their "studio run-through," but they don't end the count silently like on Wayne's World. Kelley is on camera, welcoming everyone to "The Real Seven at seven on Saturday night on channel seventy-seven." That seems a little much. They went from The Real Big Easy to The Real Seven? I hope they didn't bust a blood vessel thinking that one up. Kelley, Phat Matt, David and Melissa are in front of the camera. No one told Phat Matt that it's a bad idea to wear busy patterns on television, but then again, I don't think he owns a shirt without a busy pattern. In an interview, Kelley says this is a "huge challenge" and she hopes to shine and "come out on top" because this means something to her. The show ends and we didn't even get to see any of it.

Melissa tells Jamie that she wants "love and sex," but then we see she is talking about tarot cards, as she shuffles them before a reading. Kelley is doing the reading, and she lays the cards out facing herself instead of facing Melissa, but I guess it really doesn't matter. Melissa asks if it says anything about "making love." Shut up, Melissa. Kelley consults her book and says that Melissa has someone in her life who is unlike her, and that it's "wrong to satisfy urges with someone opposite in nature." Melissa pops her eyes open really wide as Kelley continues by saying that even if she won his heart, it would be an empty victory. Melissa says it's a "true story." That would be a lot more convincing if Kelley didn't know everything that's going on in Melissa's life, because I've done tarot card readings, and often interpretations can vary widely.

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