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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

The next morning, Matt (the "fly" one) is in Melissa's room. He looks at a picture on her nightstand and asks who it is. Melissa says that it's her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, who was a drummer. In case we didn't get that from the fact that he is playing the drums in the picture. In an interview, Melissa says she "happens to be attracted to scruffy, weird, white boys." She tells Matt that Ryan was a twenty-one year old virgin, which I took to be her hitting on Matt, the twenty-one year old virgin, but maybe not. In the eight-thousandth interview with Melissa in this episode, she says that she has settled in the past and she doesn't have to, and she knows she can get the best of what's out there on her own. Maybe if Melissa didn't base her entire self-worth on how many men are attracted to her, and tried just liking herself for who she is instead of who her boyfriend is, she would be a little less annoying. Does she even hear what she is saying? She admits that she has a problem in needing attention from men, but instead of trying to figure out why that is, or resolve her issues in some way, she just goes out and seeks more attention from men. Melissa, I'd like you to meet Holly from Road Rules. I think the two of you will have a lot to discuss.

Danny signs for a FedEx package, and then reads the letter inside to Kelley and Julie. Well, he reads it to himself and then just says the word "broadcasting," which causes Kelley to start repeating, "Uh-unh! No way!" All of the roommates gather around as Danny reads the letter. This is the part where I figured out it was the same day as shown in previous episodes, because they are all wearing the same clothes, not just Danny. I guess they didn't want to show this scene earlier because they were waiting to kick off the "this year's job" storyline until after they had already established the "Melissa is annoying," "David is a playa," "Danny is gay," and "Julie is a Mormon" storylines. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Danny reads the letter from Elton, their new boss, who is the Director of New Orleans Access Television Operations. They will be working with him, and he wants to meet them on January 26th. David proclaims their job assignment to be, you guessed it, "tight," and says, "Television, baby, that's all I need to know." Are we supposed to pretend that we don't know they're already on television? Doesn't it seem kind of weird that they are so excited to be on television when they are already on this show? I can't think about it any more, because it makes my brain hurt. In an interview, Kelley says that this could be good for her future. Kelley is on the phone telling someone about the situation and says, "I'm on my way to stealing Oprah's job." Okay, do they realize that this is public access television? Nothing against the people who work hard to produce public access shows, but they basically allow a monkey with a camera to get some airtime. There are good shows and bad shows, but it's hardly Must See TV, and produces very few breakout stars.

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