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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

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Eight Million Interviews with Melissa

Melissa goes into Julie and Kelley's room, and Danny is in there too. She tells them about her phone call. Danny tells her to let it go. Melissa says it's easier to move on, and that he was talking like he was dumping her, when the opposite was true. Throughout, we see shots of Julie, Kelley, and Danny obviously bored and wishing Melissa would just shut up already. Melissa says she needs a "listener" and "some substance." Danny suggests they all just go to bed, since Melissa won't shut up and take the hint that nobody cares.

Next week: Melissa and Kelley are both "sexually attracted" to Jamie. Julie likes Matt a lot. Kelley asks Jamie if he would be against kissing people in the house, while Melissa looks on.

Over the credits, Melissa is actually funny when she demonstrates how annoying she would be during sex, because she doesn't want her partner to sweat on her and she'd just be like, "Ew, get off, it's hot." I wish they would show more funny Melissa and less whiny Melissa, but they have to work with the footage she gives them.

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