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Drunk Dialing

We open with Eiffel Tower Shot Seize. Also, a dog. That is a recurring theme this episode. It's morning at the mansion. Chris turns around in the bathroom and apparently knocks someone's straightening iron on the floor while it's still plugged in. He doesn't seem to notice. Leah asks if he knocked it down, and if he could pick it up, because it will burn the rug, because it's hot. Now, any normal person would just pick it up themselves and yell something like, "Idiot! You knocked the straightening iron down!" and then go about her day. But Leah has to make an Issue out of it. Chris has a look on his face like he's greatly amused by the whole thing, and tells Leah not to leave her shit around. Leah and Chris engage in a "I know you are but what am I?"-level argument over it. Chris is such a bratty brother. I could totally see my brother pulling the same crap, and like Leah, I fell for it every time and just got all upset. When I was thirteen. And then I turned fourteen and realized that if I didn't get all upset about it, my brother wouldn't be a jerk about it, and we got along a lot better after that.

Leah interviews that her issue is that Chris disregards other people's things. Chris and Leah argue some more. Chris interviews that if someone gives him attitude, he will mock and tease him or her. Leah starts cursing and Chris keeps refusing to do it. Christina interviews that Chris is the hardest roommate to live with, and that Leah has the most problems with him. Chris says, "I'm not picking it up, Miss Spoiled Little Bitch." Okay, that was uncalled for but if Leah would just fucking drop it (not the straightening iron, the Issue), then he would've picked it up five minutes ago. Chris totally just wants attention. Leah interviews that if she could, she would put Chris in a cage and never let him out. Leah concludes the argument by muttering, "Go suck your own cock, C.T." But did the iron ever get picked up? And by whom? We'll never know.

Chris talks to his dad on the phone. Chris tells his dad about his fight with the girls. Chris interviews that his dad is his best pal. Mr. Chris says that it sounds like the girls have never had roommates before, and that they'll have to learn how to handle it because they have several months left. Chris says that the girls try to talk down to him and that he has better things to do than listen to them complain. Chris interviews that he doesn't think he's an asshole, and that he can be a "real sweet kid if you just push the right buttons." He thinks that some of the stuff the girls complain about is petty.

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