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Day. Northern Home. Dedication Ceremony. Landon babbles. Children and parents and podiums. ING Direct, plug plug, gives the kids each a savings account with a thousand dollars in it. They clap. Karamo talks. People clap. He gives Donna something called a "World Apart" award, because she's been like a mother to them. Laura gets a "Leadership Award." Then Karamo says this next person is amazing, and gives an "Exemplary Award" to Landon, who is surprised. He goes up, touched, and gets his award. Landon voice-overs that it means a lot to him. Then they cut a ribbon and tell a bunch of shy children to go play. No one wants to be the first to get injured on their shoddily-constructed death trap, but a few brave Ritalin-ed souls finally do. Willie talks about what a proud moment it is. Landon says it's something he can come back to Philly with his own children (yeah, right) and say, "Your father built this." Landon starts playing, deeply engrossed in some Wheel of Fortune spinny-blocks on the playground. Hee.

Donna talks to them all and lies that she's totally there for them and that they can call her whenever. Hugs and kisses and smiles, and that's just from me because it's over.

Next: the kids move out. Packing. Packing. MJ asks Landon if "they" are boyfriend and girlfriend, and I think they're finally coming out, but it turns out he's talking about Shavona and Landon. Landon tells us that she wants it only to be about sex. Then we see Landon in the hot tub with another girl. Shavonda is jealous. So is MJ.

And that's it! See ya!

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