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Dog's Life

Okay, I'm going to mention the previouslys because they contain scenes that we've never seen before, although I'm not sure how that qualifies them to be previouslys. Puck tells us that Joker, his dog, is living with Joker's mom because he's "sick all the time." Smart dog, that Joker. Rachel tells us how great she is at school and how much she loves it. In other news, Cory has no direction and Pam is an overachiever. Puck is a criminal.

The roommates, minus Puck and Mo, are out to dinner. Everyone starts talking about relationships. Pam says that her first boyfriend was gay, and from what I've seen of Chris, who came to visit her a couple of episodes ago, I'd be willing to bet that he is too. C'mon. Long distance relationship for eight years? You do the math. Cory lets it slip that she's never been in love before. In an interview, she talks about how she'd like to have someone to make "the transition to San Francisco easier." Talk about the wrong reasons to get a boyfriend. Then Pedro teaches Cory how to tango in a restaurant. Aw. Say goodbye to Pedro because that's all we see of him this episode.

Cory wants a job in a coffee shop. In an interview, she tells us that they are the "hip" jobs to have. Because it's easier than getting a personality of her own, she decides to jump on the coffee shop bandwagon. So we get a whole bunch of shots of Cory hoofing it around town asking for applications, and being told that business is "really slow" and whatnot. Listening to one of the java jockeys speak gives me the impression that business isn't the only thing that's "really slow," if you know what I mean. Like, please take the marbles out of your mouth before speaking, Cletus. Back at home, Cory is complaining to Pedro that "five-dollar-an-hour coffee shops want me to write a résumé." Oh boo hoo hoo. Not. Rachel gives Cory a copy of her résumé to use as a template, because I guess Cory has never seen a résumé before or something. Now I know who the target audience of all those For Dummies books is.

Rachel is making her way to UC Berkeley's "Graduate School of Public Policy." She's applied to a whole bunch of big-name schools and she wants "to study international relations...I may want to be a professor or I may want to do consulting. I'm kind of leaving it open." Which is good, because what actually happened was a shotgun wedding to an ex-lumberjack before settling in Podunk, Wisconsin. People, you just can't even make up stories better than that.

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