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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

The hell? Fucking MTV. I set my tape to start five minutes before the hour, and I still missed the first few minutes of the episode. From memory, the show opened with the roommates confronting David, as it ended last week. Basically, they wanted to learn why he was shutting them out and being such a jerk to them. Melissa says that if David wasn't going to listen (and David was not looking at any of them and doodling on his notepad), she didn't want anything to do with the discussion. When Melissa stopped caring about David, she started having a good time, and if she never sees him again, she'll be "perfectly motherfucking happy, because [he's] a jackass." Whoo! That was harsh! That's why I tuned in -- shit like that. Well, and the fact that I have to do the recap. Melissa walks out. Everyone just watches her go, and then Danny defuses the situation by saying that was just how Melissa feels, not how the rest of them feel. In other words, Melissa likes the drama. Danny knows it's only two weeks until they leave (and yet, by saving it until the episode, the editors are making it out like this happened the day before they left). They want David to know that they don't hate him and they're not mad at him, but there's "something wrong." Throughout this speech, David has tears in his eyes. David mumbles something unintelligible, and then says that they should ask him questions. Julie asks what it would take for David to make eye contact and speak to her. David repeats his statement from two weeks ago about how he is "always on the go." That doesn't even make sense. Of course, it's David. Why do I expect him to make sense? Danny says it sounds like "survival mode," and Danny has been in survival mode a lot of his life, and it's not a happy way to be. It's interesting how, although Jamie started this meeting off, Danny has emerged as the leader. Danny comes off really well in this scene. David says it's a necessity for him because his mother is "not in the best of health." This causes him to start crying, and the Jangly Guitar of David's Single Tear starts up. David says that he's all his mother has, so he can't fail. Jamie tells David that he's not alone, and that they want to be there for David. Danny adds that they see a wall, and they know there's something on the other side, and they know that the wall is not all David is, but that's all they get. And that's it for the big confrontation. That's it? That's all we get to see? All that build-up for that? Whatever.

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