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Next morning in the Kennedy Kitchen, Kameelah pointedly asks in Jason's direction, "Where's Gay Head?" Heh. Gay. Head. Jason registers a look of, "Shut up, you...jerks!" before turning around and realizing he's not in junior high, this is not the locker room and that Kameelah really does seek some actual geographical guidance. Good thing he knows all: "The opposite end of the island." Genesis says that she wouldn't mind biking it, but in learning that it's fourteen miles away, she responds to the again-raised hitchhiking question, "I don't want to get raped and killed." Outside now, Jason assures them in a vague stab and self-parody, "You guys are overlooking my obvious masculinity." Genesis believes that he was "the fag" when they first moved into the house. Whatever. The line forms to the left. We've spent twenty-one episodes on this. Move. On. While they're continuing their efforts toward the center of gayness, we test the boundaries of what "gay" really means when some Ye Olde Player Piano music meets us back in town. The Four Horsemen are walking into a store, which Sean capsulizes as such: "Oh my God, this is gonna be sweet, let's go take an old-time photo!" And so they do. And so they do.

Back in Coolsville, Jason, Genesis, and Kameelah take in more Gay Head than they though possible, taking pictures and laughing all the way. Jason voice-overs, "For the first time, I felt like I truly knew these people. Like, having true friends." And, ew, we cut back to the three in the master bedroom, where Kameelah wakes up a screaming Kameelah after a shot of him walking out of the shower with his towel firmly tied around his, I guess, ankle. Naughty bits are seen and screams quickly screamed, and Kameelah chases him into the bathroom as Sean voice-overs, "I know it for a fact to be true that Kameelah does like Jason. There's some sort of tension, sexual tension between them." Back in the room, Jason is lying in bed in some hideous boxer briefs (I thought that Underoos circus pattern was only sold in children's sizes...oh, wait), and Genesis indicates that she herself has never "seen a guy's penis before." Ugh. Bawdy lesbians: 1, FCC: O. Kameelah throws the covers over their heads (heh) and Jason pulls out the prize all over again. Kameelah philosophically notes that it was "three friends, one body part," which sounds a whole lot like the tagline for the wacky spin-off about Genesis, Kameelah, Jason and the horny romp they shared on Gay Head. Did they edit out people's retarded comments about that place? Because they can't edit out mine. What a dumb episode.

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