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Summer Bummin'

Back at the firehouse with Kameelah, Genesis, and Elka, a ring on the doorbell reveals a totally "unplanned" "surprise" box filled with t-shirts reading "Martha's Vineyard" and sheets of paper detailing instructions for a trip we learn they'll be taking there this weekend. They model their shirts and squeal with excitement. They're happy to be getting away. What with the sheer exhaustion of rent-free living and twenty-hour work weeks finally catching up with poor, poor them.

And, over at the Paramount, Sean and Montana each indulge in yet another go-round of the greasy Red Cross Ration For The Entire Third World egg special (I guess the complimentary Crisco Shake they've finished enjoying is only one-per-customer), discussing the impending trip. Montana is dubious about the entire trip, noting, "We're all gonna be in one house together." Sean responds, "Like we are here." Good work, sleuth. I see you've played Housey/Spoony before. Sean continues, "We'll bring a gun for Kameelah and she can play Russian Roulette." A stock footage cut of Montana looking stern and silently judging (like, she's wearing different clothes. And she's in her apartment in New York. Oh, and she's seven) is followed up with her increasingly controversial belief, "I don't want her dead." Actually, Red, I think the gun was for Kameelah. To make you dead. Oh, wait, it's just the first half of a joke. Because y'all love to laugh, here's the rest, "I just want her to go on a little vacation. To Hell!" Montana cracks herself up with the ribaldry of it all.

Jason, Kameelah, and Genesis walk down that one street in Boston with the windy roads and the brick buildings and the clock tower and the reactionary, Puritanical beliefs about everything. Jason, rigorously trained in the history and culture of all things Martha's Vineyard by that life experience known the world over as "growing up in Colorado," informs the girls, "The best way to get around that island is hitchhiking." Even her friends think a "roulette" approach to ending Kameelah's life is in order.

"We're leaving" montage. The Somber Seven are dragging their bags onto a shuttle called "Community Shuttle," and Kameelah and Jason share a meaningful moment at the front door, in which Kameelah mumbles something the five-year-old tapes don't pick up, inspiring Jason to respond, "Either that, or we're gonna kill everyone." So obviously Kameelah's former volley was of the "let's tell them that grizzled truckers who pick up hitchhikers like to be referred to as 'fairies.'" Kameelah and Jason hug and hug. A travel montage and the flaring of tensions between Jason and Sean over who carries a case of beer lends the necessary drama of me scaling the outside wall of my apartment so that the smashing into the ground can remind of what really hurts.

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