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The Synth Rumbling Of Illicit Epistolary Intrigue (of course that's an actual song...check the discography in the back of the aforementioned book, people) rages on as we're back in the firehouse, Sean sitting in the living room and holding a copy of the note, announcing to Kameelah, "I wanted to give you your note back before anybody else found it and read it." Because that behavior isn't at all passive-aggressive. Oops. I mean: "That guy's head is a toaster!" Kameelah notices what it is she's left lying around, and asks Sean whether he read it. Sean cops to having "glanced at it," and Kameelah follows up with the obvious, "Did you show it to anyone?" Sean pauses for a length of time that actually makes me believe he's not being a guy with a toaster head, but rather has genuinely forgotten since the last scene whether or not he's shown the note to anyone else. Actually, what note? Man, he's dumb. When his almond-sized brain is eventually able to wrap itself around the question, he coughs out, "Montana and I took a look at it." Kameelah tears out of the room all incredulous, as if the unrefined papyrus mulched itself into white, lined paper, wrote itself a list of odious qualities about Kameelah's roommates in a ridiculously close approximation of her handwriting, and left itself completely unattended smack in the middle of probably the firehouse's most public and trafficked spaces. Poor, guiltless Kameelah. She walks into her room whispering, "I don't understand you people," and then repeats it a bit more loudly upon Sean's request to do so. He responds, "I don't understand you leaving notes like that around, Kameelah." The tension builds: "I didn't mean to leave it around, obviously." Or obviously not, considering that Sean wouldn't have even been able to crack the code of what language it was written in had Kameelah not included helpful illustrations of Sean standing on a chair trying to get over himself with an accompanying glossary of tough-to-pronounce words like "Sean" which included a separate copy of the note written out phonetically. Because Sean can't read, people. Head. Toaster. Got it.

Kameelah retreats into her room muttering, "I hate this house," and is greeted by Genesis, who responds with the most excellent, "That makes seven of us." Heh. And the world. Which hates the seven of you as well. Kameelah recaps the early-goings of the episode again, pulling out a pretty admirable Sean impersonation in reiterating, "Kameelah, found this note. You might want to watch where you put things." It is, on the whole, a very apt rendering of the listening-to-Sean experience, right down to the impressive adherence to exclusively one-syllable words. Why, I could almost close my eyes and convince myself that...zzzzzzzzzz. Oh, damn. Shouldn't have tried that at all.

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