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Decisions, Decisions

The episode opens with various shots of Irene's stuffed dog floating in the harbor. Remember? Stephen threw it there before running out and slapping Irene in the face as she was riding away from the house forever? Yeah, that stuffed dog. Janet says, "There's a stuffed animal in the water," like she didn't see Stephen grab it and run out the door. Which she did, because as he was running out, she told him it was "over." As Nathan and Janet (and Random Guy, who was hanging out with Nathan earlier) marvel at the stuffed dog, Stephen walks in and says, "I just slapped the shit out of her." Nathan says, "Hm?" Janet says, "What?" Random Guy wonders if he can sell his version of events to Hard Copy or something, not realizing that he signed his soul away when he signed the B-M release form.

In an interview, Stephen says, "I slapped the hell out of her, because she deserved it." Nathan asks, "You didn't touch her?" Stephen mumbles, "She's such a fucking bitch," as he strides by them. Janet looks at him, open-mouthed. Nathan says, "You didn't slap her, did you?" Stephen keeps walking and doesn't answer. In an interview, Stephen says, "She messed with me. She messed with the roommates. She did wrong." Does he understand that no one is selling what he is buying? Janet says to Nathan, "Are you kidding? Did he just smack her?" Nathan says that Stephen just opened the car door. Janet says, "Because that would be so out of line." Take note that without Lindsay's interference, Janet is pretty indignant about the whole thing. Watch that change over the course of the episode.

In an interview, Nathan says that, from what he saw, it didn't look like Stephen hit Irene. It's a good thing that, for once, the producers got it on tape. Stephen walks into the main room of the house and says he's glad "that bitch" is out of his life. Janet asks whether he really hit Irene. Stephen nonchalantly says, "I smacked her on her head. Just like..." and he demonstrates by smacking himself. He says it's "not like [he] assaulted her," but he "smacked her on the head," because "she was acting stupid." Oh. Well, that's okay. Except not. Janet reiterates, "You just opened the door and you smacked her?" Stephen makes a derisive face and smacks himself again, and explains that it was a smack like "your mom" would give you. Well, maybe his mom. In an interview, Stephen says that he "downplayed it," and said that he smacked Irene "in the back of the head" (instead of on the face, which is what actually happened) because he "didn't want to piss anybody off."

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