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Death and Disease

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Death and Disease

Seriously, I have forgotten pretty much everything that happens for the rest of the season. Doesn't it always seem like Irene leaves the show in about the last episode of the season? What's left? Ah, Suicide Bill. If you are offended by that name, read the FAQ.

The episode opens at an airport, where there is a sign reading, "Leap For Learning Jumper Training." Lindsay and Janet listen as some instructors explain how to use a parachute. In an interview, Janet explains that they are going skydiving, and that she gets her "thrills facing death." Yes, Janet, because you've taken so many risks already this season. Well, maybe she's counting smoking on top of Mount Everest. The instructors continue to...well, instruct. In an interview, Janet tells us that the instructors concentrated on all the things that could go wrong. That's because they, unlike B-M, know how to make sure they are covered legally. In an interview, Lindsay says, "I'm such an idiot!" She can just stop right there, can't she? No, she goes on and explains that she's not paying attention even though she's about to jump out of a plane.

Back at the house, Janet tells Lindsay that some guy was singing into their answering machine. Lindsay thinks that it might have been Suicide Bill, and plays the message. The editors resurrect footage from earlier in the season, when Bill actually visited but wasn't deemed important enough to show. In an interview, Lindsay explains that they call him "Wild Bill" because he's "a little bit crazy," and that he's her "second brother." We see footage of Bill and Poull (Lindsay's brother) going hiking. You know the footage is old, because Irene is there. Lindsay voice-overs that the most fun she's had in her life have all involved Poull and Bill. They all go canoeing, and Bill uses a fishing pole to toss a bagel into Lindsay's canoe. In the interview, Lindsay explains that they've kind of adopted Suicide Bill into her family, and that his father died of cancer, too. This interview clearly took place before Lindsay got her breast implants. Lindsay concludes that Bill is "going through his own set of problems." We see Bill leaving, and Lindsay jumps up and puts her legs around his waist and kisses him. Inappropriate! Lindsay finishes listening to the phone message and laughs.

David is talking on the phone to Kira. What? I thought she was gone for good! David tells her that he misses her, and that he'll be where she is soon. Kira asks what day he's going to be there. David says that he'll be there from the 27th through the 7th. Kira can't believe that he's not coming on the 23rd, as originally promised. For some reason, they keep cutting to Nathan, who is playing pool nearby. Kira says that she didn't know their plans had changed that much, and David points out that he was supposed to leave for Morocco on the 5th. Of course, since this is the first time we've heard any of this, it doesn't seem like that much of a sacrifice. In an interview, David explains that he's going to Morocco to go to an intensive language school to learn French. David tells Kira that it's something he has to do, and Kira gets upset. ["He 'has' to learn French? What? Why?" -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Nathan, the relationship expert, says that if David loves Kira, he needs to come to some decisions about their future together. On the phone, David apologizes and does what he does best: gets all dramatic. Kira sobs that she hopes this works. In an interview, David says that when Kira hurts, he hurts too.

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