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The roommates arrive at work. Robin interviews that they got there at 10:45, and that Troy wasn't very happy. Troy tells them that they were close to being on time, but that they were still late. Cameran asks sadly if they lost their bonus for the day. Troy says that it's "like a normal job," and that "bonuses are for excelling, not just meeting." So being late is meeting expectations? And being on time would be exceeding expectations? What the fuck? Where do I get one of these jobs? Cameran interviews that a fifty-dollar bonus is a lot of money to them, so she got annoyed.

The roommates start scrubbing down the boat. Robin and Cameran stand around and discuss how much they hate their job. Maybe it would be more fun if they actually did some work, so that the time would pass by more quickly. Robin nearly falls in the water and notes sarcastically that it would suck, because she'd have to go home if she got all wet. Cameran seriously says that she will fall in the water on purpose. Robin interviews that if they get wet, they don't have to work because they have to go home and change. Robin and Cameran discuss whether they should really do this. They take everything out of their pockets and hide it behind a post. It would be funny if they fell in and then Troy was like, "I guess you just have to work soaking wet and cold!"

Troy tells Robin and Cameran to wash off some floats. Robin interviews that they didn't want to go to work and they didn't get their bonus, so they thought they should get a free day. Will they still be paid for the day? Cameran and Robin dip the floats in the water and then pretend one of them gets away, so that they have to reach really far in and retrieve it. They hem and haw about jumping in for so long that Jamie comes over with a brush and pulls the float out for them.. Robin interviews that Jamie totally wrecked the plan accidentally. Robin and Cameran go to the other side of the dock and look around to make sure that no one is watching, and then jump in, screaming at the top of their lungs. Jamie runs over to help them out. Jamie interviews that she can't believe this happened. Robin and Cameran are totally laughing in the water, and then start pretending that they are really upset about it. Troy and Brad pull the girls out of the water.

Once they get out, Robin acts as though Cameran was reaching for something, started to fall, and ended up pulling Robin in with her. Robin acts like she's mad about it. Troy doesn't seem to buy it, if you ask me, but he has no proof either way, so he kind of has to let them leave. Robin is actually pretty good about keeping a straight face, but Cameran keeps cracking up. Cameran interviews that spending a few minutes in the cold water was worth it. Jamie interviews that her roommates aren't very professional. Jamie tells someone that she doesn't think they fell in on purpose. Back at the car, Robin asks if the fact that she took her cigarettes out of her pocket is going to be "a spot blower." Robin peels off her wet sweatshirt, and I now have more information about Robin's nipples than anyone, including Robin, really should. Back at the house, Robin and Cameran do a confessional where they giggle about what they did, and how they got away with it. Cameran interviews that if any of their roommates found out, they would tell Troy and get the slackers fired.

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