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Hey, they put Charlie in the credits! Poor Charlie. He got all excited that he was going to be on the show, and then he's only in, like, four episodes.

Jacquese calls his mother, who is coming out for a visit. She says that she got a letter from the state about how they are going to require Anthony, Jacquese's estranged father, to go to court for non-payment of child support. Jacquese interviews that he didn't meet his father until he was in second or third grade, and then didn't see his father again until he was in junior high, so they don't really have a relationship. Macquese (Jacquese's mom) says that she's tired of the whole thing. Jacquese admits that, while he tells his father he loves him, he doesn't really feel anything at all. Jacquese says that it's especially bad, because Anthony's own father wasn't around, so he should know how terrible it feels for a son to miss out on having a real father. Jacquese concludes that he's washing his hands of the whole situation.

Jacquese and Jamie go out to dinner. Jacquese explains that his mother has always been proud of him. Jacquese interviews that his mother is his hero. Aw. Jamie asks when Pacquese stopped being part of his son's life. Jacquese says that he never was. Wait, what is Jacquese wearing? It is such a Cosby sweater. I didn't even know they made those anymore. Maybe they're coming back. God, I hope not. Jacquese interviews that a father should be there for his child, and that his father hasn't been. Jacquese relates what it was like for him going to school and hearing the other kids talk about their activities with their fathers. While saying this, Jacquese gets all choked up and starts crying. Jamie interviews that she's never seen this side of Jacquese before. Jamie moves her chair over to sit closer to Jacquese and comfort him. Jacquese says that he's more angry than sad. Jacquese interviews that his father used to make him promises to go places, and Jacquese would get all dressed up and wait, and his dad wouldn't show. Aw. That's seriously sad. Poor little Jacquese. Jacquese says that there are certain things that people learn from their fathers that he had to learn on his own, and that it makes him angry.

The roommates prepare to go to work. They're supposed to be there at 10:30, and they're late. Of course they are! I mean, what kind of barbarian expects someone to be at work that early? Cameran interviews that she's always loved the water, and that she thought this job would be great, but that it's not. Jamie tells Charlie not to wear shoes with black soles so that they don't scuff up the boat. Charlie interviews that he's only sailed small sailboats, so he's excited about going to work.

Out in the car, Cameran lays on the horn. It's 10:27. Why bother getting mad? There's no way they'll make it on time. Cameran interviews that if they are late, they don't get their bonus. I see they are continuing the fine tradition of giving the roommates a bonus for doing what everyone else just does as part of their job. Cameran screams at Brad that she doesn't want to be late. It appears that Randy forgot something (his bowl?), and had to go back in the house. Brad keeps making fun of her and, once everyone is in the car, Cameran takes off.

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