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Datin' and Relatin'

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Datin' and Relatin'

Back at the house, Rachel is asking Puck if he got together with Heather. Puck vehemently denies it, but then yanks Rachel's chain by asking if making out constitutes "getting together." Rachel practically flips, giving Puck exactly the reaction he was hoping for. Then there's a really sloppy jump to a point earlier or later in the conversation when Rachel asks Puck if Heather likes him. Puck, realizing that since Heather is not likely to return he had better make up with Rachel so she'll continue to shower him with attention, says, "Maybe, but I don't think I like Heather that much...because...she has three brain cells and they're fighting. They don't even get along to make a thought pattern." Rachel, mollified, giggles. In an interview, Rachel shows that she's fallen for Puck's manipulation hook, line and sinker as she says, "Puck has definitely shown that he has a very sweet and sensitive side. I mean, you have to break through cement with him before you get to that soft side, but there's definitely a sweet side to him." Not if you ask me, he hasn't. But maybe that's because I'm not the one who's in love with him.

Next week Cory cries some more, and Puck endangers the welfare of an animal.

Over the credits, Pedro discusses with Pam the lack of appropriate words that gay people have to refer to their partners. Because I'm mature like that, hearing Pedro say "lover" in his adorable Cuban accent makes me giggle.

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