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Datin' and Relatin'

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Datin' and Relatin'

Dudd and Francis are kissing. Please make it stop. I feel really sick.

Rachel has locked herself in a room somewhere. In the confessional room? I thought there weren't any doors allowed in the Real World houses. Heather is begging her to open the door, but Rachel tells Heather to leave her be because she's very upset at Heather. Heather whines that she "just want[s] to go out now," and Rachel snaps, "Well, just go. Just freakin' go." So she does.

The next shot is of Rachel in the living room throwing a tantrum in Cory's direction because Heather went out without her. Never mind that that's what Rachel told her to do. My god, how much do these two deserve each other as friends? Rachel paints herself as the martyr because Heather and Puck spent the whole day together, while Rachel was at work (work?) and she didn't say "a word." Cory opines, "It's like When Harry Met Sally... It totally is." Rachel, head in her hands, says, "Please. I'm not attracted to Puck." Of course not. That's why you're so pissed that Heather went out with him.

Dudd and Frances are canoodling in Dudd's room. ENOUGH ALREADY. But no, then we see two sets of feet under the curtain that constitutes the bathroom door. The lights go out and I curse God for my active imagination. Sometime later, Cory passes the curtain and runs into Puck coming down the hall in the opposite direction. She warns him not to go in there because there's a chair right behind the curtain since "someone wanted privacy." Puck sticks his head around the curtain, making Cory the tactful one for once as he asks who is inside. A male voice mumbles something and Puck goes away.

Pedro comes home in a huff. He had a fight with Sean because -- you guessed it -- Pedro isn't sure if he wants to stay in the city after the show is over since he misses his family so much. Pedro felt that Sean was pressuring him and attacking his family. Then we cut to Pedro and Sean in the dining room discussing things. Pedro feels that Sean doesn't appreciate the fact that he's thinking of moving to San Francisco, but Sean gently corrects him, saying that Pedro hasn't made those plans known to him. We don't get to see much of their "argument" probably because they're rationally discussing an issue, and that's much more boring than the Rachel/Puck/Heather histrionics that the producers also have to work with.

Establishing shot of SFO. Which means that Heather, Patty and, most importantly, Frances are leaving. Poor Patty didn't get any air time at all because nobody had the hots for her. After a kiss goodbye, Dudd is left on the curb. How fitting. In a confessional, Dudd throws a pity party to which he has invited the entire world as he says, "My luck. Meet somebody nice, they're off on a plane." Aw, Dudd, some of us wouldn't call that "luck" but more like "justice."

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