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Datin' and Relatin'

Bikes. Millions and millions of bikes. Puck and Rachel are at Critical Mass, which is a huge gathering of people who bike through the city the last Friday of every month and snarl up traffic. Later, at dinner, Puck and Rachel are telling a story about the evening and the Cory voice-over likens their relationship to When Harry met Sally... I only mention this now to save myself having to repeat it the other thirty thousand times Cory brings it up.

Hey, we haven't had any controversy with the gay guy in a while. At least I'm sure that's what the producers are thinking. Why ELSE would they cast a conservative Republican and a gay guy living with AIDS in the same house? Puck and Rachel are talking on the video phone to Rachel's brother, and Pedro is in his bedroom close by as the Pedro voice-over narrates for us. Puck and Rachel were making gay jokes and Pedro says that it was Puck who started it. Puck says, "If you're coming down here, there's a lot of gay guys in town and the girls are hurting for good dates." Which probably every straight girl in San Francisco has lamented at one time or another. But then Rachel crosses the line saying, "What do you call a bouncer at a gay bar? A flame-thrower." Puck and Rachel high-five as Pedro forlornly looks out the window. In an interview Pedro says that "they probably don't see anything wrong with it." The sad thing is that he's probably right. ["I have to say, I've heard more cutting gay jokes told by gay people, in my day." -- Wing Chun]

Cut to Pedro and Sean on on a date discussing what they're going to do on their month anniversary But that's not the point here because we don't hear any more about it. Apparently there's going to be some drama, since Pedro is planning to go back to Miami after the show and there is "no way" that Sean can go with him. Cut to Pedro walking down the street discussing the situation with Pam, who is in that hiddy white, crocheted top she was wearing boating in last week's episode. Pam asks Pedro if he's falling in love, and he says that he is. Poor Pedro. I know exactly what he's going through. There was a period in my life where every time I met a guy it seemed that he was leaving town, or I was, and I know how hard it is to fall for someone when your relationship already has an expiration date stamped on it.

The intercom in the kitchen buzzes and Puck answers it. It's Rachel who wants him to guess who called her. The answer is "Harlow," whoever he is. Luckily, Puck is here to tell us: "Harlow is some dorky guy that Rachel dorked and gave her number to." Why, thank you, Mr. Explainypants. That's so clear. Luckily, Rachel gives us a more coherent explanation which is that she and Cory were in a coffee shop and Rachel spied a guy she found attractive She wrote her number on a napkin to give to him but at the last second chickened out and just dropped in on the floor." In an interview, Puck simpers in falsetto, "Oh here's my number heeheeheehee." Whenever you cause a guy to mock you in a falsetto voice, you know that whatever you did has wounded him pretty badly, so at this point I would say that Puck is indeed jealous of Rachel. Rachel wonders what she's going to say to Harlow but goes to dial the phone. In an interview, Puck says, "The right guy for Rachel? He don't [sic] exist. Rachel wants a nice fluffy guy that's going to care about taking showers and's just not me." But apparently it's Sean from the Boston cast. Although you wonder if she ever would have married him if he hadn't knocked her up. Maybe that "glue" that keeps families like hers together (as she described in a previous episode) is a shotgun wedding.

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