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Datin' and Relatin'

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Datin' and Relatin'

This episode is going to be all about dating and relating, because the "previously"s are full of shots of Pedro meeting Sean, Judd discussing his dating frustrations, and Puck and Rachel flirting.

Credits. Someone in the forums clued me in that it's Mo's laugh in the credits, which is so sad because I really did like him, but now he must die.

Establishing shots of San Francisco. I bet y'all didn't know that's where the Golden Gate bridge is.

In a confessional, Judd tells us that he and Rachel have been flirting a lot. Um, in your head, maybe, but I certainly haven't seen it. I get the feeling that a lot of reality for Dudd occurs in his head. Then we get a shot of Rachel holding her shirt out of the way and Judd starting to draw above her left breast. Rachel's voice-over says it's a fake tattoo of a rose. Judd says, "It wasn't coming out too well because to get my hand in there properly I basically would have had to cop a feel and I wasn't ready to do that. Yet." If I needed any more evidence that Dudd is a loathsome little suck, it's right there. You notice that he didn't say that wasn't feeling her up because SHE might not be interested or whatnot but rather that HE "wasn't ready to do that."

Rachel is roaming the house looking for Puck. She finds him in the blue room dressed as a nun. Puck introduces himself as "Sister Puck Prudence." And thus endeth the first and last time that "prudence" is used anywhere in conjunction with Puck's name. Rachel displays some more bad judgment when, in an interview, she says, "Puck is the sweetest guy. So sweet. He's, like, the nicest guy," over footage of them flirting. And then suddenly Rachel's wearing a big black wig and Judd is wearing glasses an inch thick. Is this Halloween? Huh? "Puck and Rachel, what is going on there? What the hell is going on? It's just nauseating, already," says Dudd in a confessional. I agree but I'm sure that my opinion is more pure than Dudd's jealousy. Of course Dudd has an answer to his question, because in an interview he says, "I just think maybe Rachel hasn't been exposed to someone like Puck. 'Exposed' being the optimum [sic] word. Like a virus." Oh, all right. Heh. Dudd is obviously interested in Rachel, or at least that's what the producers want us to believe, because when she and Puck are reading the personals at the dining room table, he comes up behind her and starts an impromptu shoulder rub. Puck and Rachel leave the house and Dudd casts a stink-eye in the general direction of...we're not sure what, because the whole frame is taken up by his giant head, but I'm darn sure we're supposed to think it's Rachel and Puck.

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