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CT Will Work You

Previously on The Real World: CT showed Leah pictures that were sent to him by his ex-girlfriend Jamie. CT wanted Jamie to come and visit. CT had hair like the Heat Miser as he claimed responsibility for some flowers that were sent to Leah. Leah figured out his ruse. Christina and Adam helped a very drunk CT walk down the street, and Adam confessed that when CT gets drunk, he's a liability.

Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante et Un. Ace, Adam, CT, and a couple of other random guys decide to go play basketball. Adam says he's not much of a basketball player, and he just likes to run. But he'll do whatever Ace does, so he's there. CT interviews that "the three guys" have a bond. See, even CT counts Simon as one of the girls. I don't think that's a homophobia thing. I think it's because Simon just hangs out with the girls more, and enjoys the same pursuits as the girls of the house, like shopping and gossiping. Anyway, the guys start playing basketball with a few random other kids. CT drives the lane and throws up a giant airball. Ace shoots, and CT grabs the rebound and then travels a whole lot while dribbling back to the top of the key. Adam tries to guard CT, which is difficult since CT is about six inches taller with long monkey arms. CT throws up a brick and then accuses Adam of being a hacker, complete with chest bump. CT tries to drive the lane again but stops and accuses Adam of pushing him. Adam interviews that CT has "a lot of angst, a lot of anger and aggression in him." CT shoots and misses again. He and Adam both go for the rebound, and CT gets the ball. As he goes up to shoot again, Adam totally hacks him across the arms, although I'm sure Adam would just say he's going for the ball. And it is the playground, so you usually let stuff like that go. CT complains that he was fouled. CT drives the lane again, and Adam is totally using his hands to push CT away. CT once again calls Adam a hack. CT interviews that "Adam is hacking the crap out of [him] every time [he] gets the ball." Adam says that he hasn't fouled CT one time, and CT says that's not true. Adam says, "I don't know what kind of ball they play in Boston." Basketball? CT is totally right to say that Adam has been fouling him.

Back at the house, CT calls his friend Knuckles on the phone. Hee! He has a friend named Knuckles. That's awesome. Meanwhile, Adam gossips with Ace in the bedroom about how CT isn't pleasant to be around, because he acts like a jerk. Knuckles tells CT about how he beat up some kid, and CT laughs that Knuckles needs to take it easy. Ace advises Adam that he won't like every single person he lives with, since they come from such different backgrounds. Adam interviews that CT knows that they aren't best friends, and that they each have things they dislike about the other. CT tells Knuckles that he got into a fight with Adam and called him a clown, and CT thought it was funny because he's the big softie at home, and Adam thinks he's so aggressive. CT interviews that he doesn't come from the same background the others do. Adam tells Ace that he doesn't trust CT. CT tells Knuckles that Jamie is coming to visit on Tuesday. CT interviews that he and Jamie miss each other. CT tells Knuckles that when Jamie comes, he's going to introduce her to his roommates and say that Jamie can trust them if she wants, but that he doesn't trust them. What? I don't get that. Adam complains to Ace that CT lies about the stupidest things, and that he thinks CT might be a pathological liar. You think?

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