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Previously on The Real World: Arissa didn't think she could ever change if she stayed with her long-time boyfriend, Dario. There may have been more to that segment, but despite the fact that I started my recording at 9:58 PM, it was cut off slightly. What is up with that, MTV? It's so annoying.

Arissa talks to Dario on the phone. He tells her that she's the biggest problem in his life right now, and that she's fake as hell, and that she sucks. And for some unknown reason, she doesn't just hang up the phone. I don't know why she's sitting there listening to that crap. Dario says that Arissa needs to tell him if she still cares. In an interview, Arissa says that Dario still wants her to need him. Oh, so he tries to tear down her self-esteem so that she'll think she can't do any better than him. That's cool. And borderline abusive. Dario tells Arissa that she's weak. She just continues to sit there and listen and cry and look pissed off, but doesn't hang up the phone. Hang up! Arissa finally speaks and says that this conversation has made her realize that she made the right decision by breaking up with him. She starts screaming at him, and Dario repeats that she sucks. In an interview, Frank says that Arissa is a nice person, and that it's too bad Dario causes her so much grief. And that's all we will see of Frank this week. Hello and goodbye! In an interview, Steven says that Arissa is pissed, and she should be. Arissa yells that she's not going to let Dario talk to her that way. And yet, she doesn't hang up. So clearly, there's a part of her that likes the drama. In an interview, Brynn says that Dario knows what buttons to push with Arissa. Arissa screams some more at Dario about how she won't talk to him until he realizes "what the fuck [he] just said to [her]." She finally hangs up the phone. I still say that, on some level, she enjoyed that whole conversation.

Trishelle comforts Arissa and tells her that she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. Arissa sobs. Trishelle advises Arissa not to take Dario's phone calls anymore, because she's too nice and lets him say his piece. Crisis averted, the two women decide to go to Ghost Bar. Because there's no sorrow that can't be drowned in a drink or twelve.

The roommates go to Ghost Bar, which is the one on the roof. In an interview, Arissa says she didn't see any handsome guys until she spotted Alex. We get our first glimpse of Alex and let me just say...yuck. He's wearing a hat with one side of the brim flipped up, and then you can see this greasy product-filled hair sticking out the back. And then he's wearing a loose white see-through button-down shirt and jeans. Arissa thinks he's gorgeous. They dance together. Arissa takes his hat off and steals it. Alex smiles and, on top of it all, his teeth are all jacked up. In an interview, Irulan thinks it's healthy for Arissa to have fun away from Dario. In an interview, Arissa explains that she spent four hours talking to Alex. He said that he was scared because he likes her, but she lives in Massachusetts and he lives in California. First of all, in their first conversation ever, he's already worried about the future of their relationship? And second of all, let's not pretend like it's unheard of for a former Real Worlder to move to L.A. It's rarer if they don't at this point.

Arissa takes the elevator upstairs, still wearing Alex's shitty hat. Hey, I just realized that Alex is like the male version of Mojo from Joe Millionaire. Arissa tells Irulan all about her new man, who is a Scorpio. Irulan is sitting there wrapped in a sheet, like, did she just do it with Alton or what? And also, ew. Arissa runs down why Alex is so perfect, and Irulan says that she's smitten. Arissa checks out the hat and realizes that it's Gucci. That would be an even bigger turn-off to me, but I'm not Arissa. In an interview, Arissa says that she feels like she's sixteen again.

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