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Houses. Houses. Shrink. Dr. Covan tells Paula he thinks that she can be happy, and gives her a book to read called Feeling Good. He tells her to read it and to really "work" the book, which is a catchphrase I despise. Paula nods that she is "on board," and then camera-talks that Dr. Covan makes her feel really good and like it's normal to feel bad and that it's possible to feel better. Well, then, good for both of them. She gets temporarily, glibly healed, and he gets on television. Win-win!

Day. Sun. Trees. Zach picks up Paula. She tells Zach about the doctor -- how he's not trying to just "fix" her right away, and how he has really good advice. Dr. Covan told Paula she has depression, and Paula never really thought that she did. Zach camera-talks that Paula is starting down a hard road, but at least she's trying in earnest and she has support. Zach asks Paula about the diet pills, and she reports that the doctor told her the eating thing is a way to distract her from other feelings and it serves as a way for her to gain control. Or something. Paula now camera-talks that the doctor is right and she is anxious and she thinks he wants her to put some of her pent-up anxiety into other things.

Paula stands looking out at the water now. I'm feeling like the moment would be enhanced by some acoustic guitar. Wait for it.... Aw, yeah. There is it. Mellow. Paula says she's hit rock bottom and can only go up from here. She lies in bed reading the book the doctor gave her.

Next on.... Svet and Tyler talk about nature vs. nurture when it comes to homosexuality. Tyler then goes into the shower with a boy. Svet is shocked because she didn't think that the guy was gay. They sneak in and listen at the bathroom door. Svet now questions all the men in her life, because they could be gay, too. Yes, probably.

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