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Day. Key West. Key West. Houses. Shrink. We meet Fred Covan, the doctor. He's a bearded grey-haired dude. Paula is scared. He asks Paula what she wants help with. The doc has to lead her to it -- her scarred hands trembling -- but Paula says that she guesses she'd like to be happy with herself. He asks what she's not happy with. Paula looks for an escape, and says that she doesn't know how to do "this." The doc remarks that she looks sad and anxious. She mentions that her roommates see something wrong with her. He asks what that is, and Paula says that she gets angry and she's emotional. Then she says something about her weight, and he asks what she thinks of her weight. Her voice is reverting and she's slumping into her chair like she was sinking into the fabric. Paula says that she doesn't think she's fat, but that she thinks about her weight all the time. Her eyes are lost and if it didn't feel like such a total ethical violation, it would very compelling. The doc asks her how much she weighs, and she lies that she weighs 100 pounds. She admits taking diet pills. He explains what the drug in diet pills does and how it makes you nervous. Paula says that she hates this, starting to cry now. She hates feeling like this, she clarifies. The doc lays out for her what they're going to try to accomplish together. They're going to try to identify and understand her thoughts, what makes her feel bad, and then teach her to question those thoughts. Dr. Covan says that he thinks he can help her get her life back. Paula thinks it's not going to happen, but he says that if she thinks like that, she just might be right. Ooh, shrinks are so smart with their double-speaks and all throwing shit back at you and all. Damn shrinks!

Day. Statue. Clouds. Building. Clouds. Car. John and Zach and Jose drive. They ask questions about what Zach and Crystal did: where they touched, etc. Zach says that he made the friendship speech. John then camera-frats that he thinks Zach's actions towards Crystal are going to start contradicting what he tells her. Then John asks whether Zach banged her. And Zach smiles. Holy shit! Well, I guess I was wrong about not making the speech before. Maybe making the speech first is the key. It gives them something to try to overcome and make you change your mind about. Sly dog. Jose pretends to be happy for him. Zach then camera-backpedals, telling us how much he respects Crystal and blah blah bleh. Whatever. You just want to keep getting laid, fool.

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