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CJP Hooks Up. Again.

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CJP Hooks Up. Again.

In the tag for the previous week, Aneesa has Chris inspect her various skin problems. He determines that the rash on her back is from the microphone, but neither of them can figure out why the skin on her neck is irritated. Aneesa says that it looks like a hickey. Chris calls it "Bactitious Veronicus," which is actually pretty funny. Aneesa doesn't get it at first, but finally figures it out.

Previously on The Real World: CJP admitted that she always needs a boyfriend, and she's needy. So stop being that way! Aneesa's mom doesn't approve of her daughter's "lifestyle." Aneesa didn't want to be someone that she's not. Aneesa liked Feminem, but Feminem is still "breaking up" (read: sleeping) with Fat Cow.

This episode begins right where the last one left off, with Feminem and Fat Cow having just left the loft, and Aneesa crying. Theo comes up and gives Aneesa a hug. Aneesa says that she wishes she could call her mom. CJP tells her to do it. Aneesa calls her mom, and for some reason Tonya sits right there, clad only in a towel. Give her some space, Tonya! Aneesa's mom is totally unsympathetic, saying that she told Aneesa not to like anyone. Oh, that's a good life strategy. Aneesa cries and says that if Feminem were a guy, her mother would be more sympathetic. Her mother denies it. Aneesa's mom tells her to "just have a good time with the people [she] is living with." Aneesa sobs and shakes her head, and hangs up.

CJP announces that her father is coming to town, and invites all of her roommates to go out to dinner. Kyle and Keri say that they will go. CJP peeks into the shower where Aneesa is trying to wash her hair and gets Aneesa to say that she will go. In an interview, Aneesa says that CJP is close with her family, but that "whatever happened in her childhood is affecting her right now." What happened in her childhood? Did I miss something?

CJP and Tonya sit on a bed and talk. CJP says that she's never been without a boyfriend. Should she really be talking about this with Tonya, who has to call Justin before she can wipe her own ass? Tonya asks whether CJP is worried about the pattern. CJP says that she's terrified about what it says about her -- that she can't be alone. So be alone! I don't get how all this talking about it but not doing anything about it helps. Although I guess she did break up with the Subway guy, so she is doing something. CJP tells Tonya that her father is an endocrinologist, and is brilliant, and lives in Indianapolis. The rest of her family lives in St. Louis. Apparently, they all lived in Boston, and then her father moved to St. Louis. Then they all moved to St. Louis, and her father moved to Indianapolis. And her parents aren't divorced. Dude, that's kind of weird. CJP admits, "It's not ideal." Also, Dr. CJP needs to stop leaving a forwarding address if he doesn't want his family to follow him around. CJP shows pictures of her family to Chris and Tonya, and calls her father an absent-minded scientist. In footage from her audition, CJP admits that she was never Daddy's little girl, but always wanted to be. This whole situation is setting off major alarms with me.

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