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Previously on The Real World: Trishelle told Frank that she had a crush on him. Frank got a girlfriend from home named Emily, despite his doubts over the realities of a long-distance relationship.

Frank tells Trishelle that he thinks Emily is perfect. In an interview, Frank says that Emily is his girlfriend, and he won't be with anyone else while they are together. Frank continues to tell Trishelle how great Emily is and how much he misses her. In an interview, Trishelle says that she's kind of jealous of Emily and wishes she had someone who loved her like that.

Frank calls Emily and tells her he saw Unfaithful and it made him realize how terrible it would feel to be cheated on. Emily says it's having your trust broken. In an interview, Frank talks about how intelligent Emily is. Frank reminds Emily that he has an interview for graduate school at U.S.C. In an interview, Frank explains that he's going to L.A. for the interview, and that Steven and Trishelle are tagging along. Frank tells Emily that he's already been rejected from U.C.L.A., so it's just a matter of time before U.S.C. rejects him too. You know, there's self-deprecating, and then there's fishing for compliments and ego-boosts, and I think Frank is guilty of the latter.

The roommates gather at Rain for a meeting. Grody Marc comes in and introduces the roommates to Aric, the marketing director for Stuff magazine. Apparently, he wasn't allowed to meet with the roommates until his name was sufficiently weird, so he changed it from Eric to Aric. They didn't want to make Irulan or Trishelle feel bad. Aric explains that the magazine has a section called "Power Room," which is "the most widely read section of the magazine." How do they know that? Did they do a survey and ask which section of the magazine people read first? Or most often? And did guys looking at the magazine, which generally contains pictures of scantily clad women, really say that they most often read the column about women? Of course, Aric is in marketing, so I'm guessing he just makes shit up. I know. I worked in marketing. ["While marketing is generally all about bullshit, magazines do focus-group their readers to find out which sections of their magazines are most and least interesting to readers." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Aric introduces Dawn, who is a sexologist. That's another made-up word. It's not like Harvard has a Department of Sexology, where she got her Ph.D. Dawn explains that the section features a bunch of real women sitting around talking about sex and men and relationships. The roommates are going to find attractive young women who work at the Palms and ask them inappropriate sexual questions, and then scout locations for the photo shoot. Steven looks way too excited about this.

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