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Cease and Desist

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Cease and Desist

Everyone hangs out on the street and hugs Rachel goodbye. In an interview, a teary Lori gives a final message to Rachel to stay strong, and that she's glad that she got the chance to become close with her. Nicole says that she'll probably miss Rachel the most of all. She will? When were Nicole and Rachel such good friends? Another mystery of editing, I guess. In an interview, Rachel says that she loved living with her roommates, and she will miss being picked on, and she will want it all back. Rachel finally hops into a really small white car, crying, and takes off.

Nicole is up next. She hugs Quarrel, and then jokingly says goodbye to Kevin and Malik by waving her finger in their faces. Malik gets in on the joke by putting up his hand in typical Nicole style. Malik voice-overs that he and Nicole haven't become close, and they both know that, but that they will miss each other anyway. In an interview, Nicole says that her arguments with Malik have made her see things, and she appreciates it. Nicole hops into a cab, while she voice-overs that she is looking forward to being more positive.

Now it's Lori's turn to leave. Lori jokes with Kevin that she's really sorry she didn't like him back when he had feelings for her, although she is flattered that he felt that way about her. Kevin hugs her and then picks her up. In an interview, Lori says that she's been close with Kevin since the Casting Special, and that "it's been complicated, but totally, totally worth it." Lori says that she doesn't know anyone like Quarrel, and that it will be impossible to fill Quarrel's place in her life. In an interview, Quarrel says that she hopes that other people will see what a "magnificent and amazing person [Lori] is." They all huddle up for one more group hug, and then Lori takes off.

Have I mentioned that Quarrel has a kick-ass body? She's wearing a cropped t-shirt with low-cut jeans, and she looks awesome. Anyway, now it's time for Kevin to go. In an interview, Kevin talks about how great Malik is, and how Malik is his twin brother. So I guess they're fraternal twins, not identical. Although it is funny to think of Kevin with a giant Malik-type Afro. Kevin tearily hugs Mike. Malik voice-overs that he knew that Kevin would be an important person in his life the first day that he met him, and he will miss him so much.

Malik, Quarrel, and Kevin hug and talk about how much they will miss each other. Yes, this is as long and dragged out as it seems. They love each other. They will miss each other. We get it. Malik and Quarrel share a cab to the airport. Mike watches them take off. Quarrel cries in the cab. Mike voice-overs a thank-you to all of his roommates for sharing their lives and being his friends. Mike walks back into the house, alone, and sits on the couch with a big sigh. Mike voice-overs that he always thought he knew what would happen to him, but now he doesn't know, which is scary, but also exciting. Mike grabs his wrestling belt out of his bag and runs up the stairs for one last round of The Miz. Oh, Lord. They almost had me with the tears and the hugs and the crying, and I was starting to think that maybe I would actually miss these people, and then Mike had to go and renew his Greenwich Village Idiot behavior, and now I can't wait for this season to be over again. Mike lugs his bags out the door and does one final confessional in The Miz persona, which concludes with him screaming, "Are you ready?" Mike gets into a cab and leaves. I guess he was the touchstone character this season, since they ended on his face. How sad. The editors can't even wait to conclude the season, I assume, since they cut to the credits kind of abruptly, and just like that, the season is over. And now we only have to wait just over a month for the Chicago season to start. See y'all there.

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