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Cease and Desist

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Cease and Desist

Quarrel raises her glass and gives a toast, saying that they have all made friends, and then lost those friends, and then made them again. Nicole adds that they all have respect for each other. In an interview, Rachel says she doesn't think that her roommates can tell how difficult it is for her to leave them. At dinner, Rachel fights back tears, and everyone teases her. Rachel blames it on the fact that Malik's eyes are watering, but I think that Malik's eyes are probably watering for an entirely different reason, if you know what I mean. Malik comes over and hugs Rachel, and this causes Lori to start crying, too.

Man, that thirty-second clip of the Chicago season was about twenty times more interesting than anything that happened in this entire season. But then again, it's easy to make something look interesting in thirty seconds, and a lot more difficult to keep it interesting over the course of twenty episodes.

Murray: Sir. Sir! Wake up!
Bunim: I'd like to thank the voters...what?
Murray: I thought you would want to see the commercial for the Chicago season. What voters?
Bunim: Oh, I was planning my acceptance speech for the People's Choice Award.
Murray: Oh, like we're going to beat Temptation Island.
Bunim: If only the Chicago season had aired before voting ended.

It's the morning of departure day. Quarrel and Nicole wake up and giggle. Malik packs. Kevin comments that he'll never sleep in that bed again. Everyone packs and puts their stuff in huge boxes. Lori cleans the kitchen. Kevin tells Malik that they had some good memories in their bedroom, which sounds a lot kinkier than he probably meant it. The three boys hug. In an interview, Mike says that the other two guys are like his brothers, and it will be weird not waking up with them. Nicole tells Rachel that it's time to close up their room, and she needs to let it go. Rachel says she's not leaving without a pillowcase, so she grabs one. Nicole firmly closes the curtain at the entrance to their room, and then hugs Rachel. In a confessional, Nicole says that she'll be going to her own apartment, and it will be so weird.

It's finally time for everyone to leave. They all hug each other. That song by Michelle Branch that was featured to much greater effect on Buffy a few weeks ago plays, and I expect Rachel to walk around the corner and see Buffy and Spike making out. In an interview, Rachel says that she doesn't feel like a little kid anymore, and that she is more confident and able to speak up for herself.

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