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Cease and Desist

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Cease and Desist

The next day, Rachel tries to fold up a cardboard box, with little success. In an interview, Rachel says that she's "so completely filled with different emotions." Nicole comes in and starts helping Rachel with the cardboard box. Rachel voice-overs that she doesn't want to leave her roommates, the city, or the friends she's met outside the house.

Nicole carries a number of bags outside and into a cab. She voice-overs that she's going to donate a bunch of clothes to a battered women's shelter. Nicole explains that when she was young, she often got donated clothes, and that it feels good to be able to be the giver and not the receiver. I really wish that Nicole had talked more about her past, because I think it would have been interesting, and it also would have given us more insight into why she acts the way that she does. Or maybe she did talk about it, and it's on the cutting-room floor. Anyway, Nicole donates her clothes. I really like the skirt Nicole is wearing in this scene -- it looks like it was made out of a pair of jeans.

Back at the house, some of the roommates work on making dinner. In a confessional, Mike explains that they are going to make dinner together, then sit down and eat, and reminisce about their good times. I sense a montage coming up. It's a staple of the Real World finale. Malik, Kevin, Mike, and Quarrel work on dinner while the soundtrack sings, "If I could spend just one more day with you, I wouldn't want to, because one more day, one more day, will never be enough." More dinner preparations. This is the best that they could do? We've been reduced to watching these people make dinner?

Dinner is ready, and they start eating. In an interview, Malik says that he's established relationships that will be difficult to read, and that they are another family. Mike announces that he has made t-shirts for everyone. Basically, he's taken t-shirts and written on them in Magic Marker. Um, thanks? The first one is for Kevin, and it reads, "The Lone Star Looney -- Chew on This Beef." The one for Malik says, "Furious Fro -- We Can Pic it Out." Rachel's shirt says, "Rock Star Raven -- I'll Rock You Hard Core." For some reason, Rachel is reading the shirts out loud with Mike, and it's really annoying. Shut up, Rachel! Nicole's shirt says, "Fashion Fiend -- How About That?" When Mike pulls out Quarrel's shirt, we get a flashback to Quarrel and Lori deciding that they need to be a wrestling tag-team, and naming themselves "Coco Loco" and "The Teriyaki Terror." That was actually one of my favorite moments this season. That, and the time Lori and Rachel were bonding in the dorm room. Lori's shirt says, "Teriyaki Terror" but we don't get to hear what it says on the back. Anyway, Quarrel's shirt says, "Cocoa [sic] Loco -- Don't Give Me Any Shit." Quarrel hugs Mike. In a confessional, Mike says that they've all become family, and it's like a dream come true. For him, maybe. Not for the viewers.

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