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Cease and Desist

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Cease and Desist

Mary-Ellis Bunim: Is this the Chicago season?
Jonathan Murray: No, we're still in New York. But it's the last episode.
Bunim: Oh. [watches screen for a moment] Is there any chance at all that throwing the little boy in the shower will result in a threesome like in Miami?
Murray: Well, I don't think we can ever rule anything out. There was another girl in the bed.
Bunim: Why couldn't she have been wearing a white t-shirt when she got in the shower? Well, I'm going back to sleep. Wake me when it's over.

When we return, Mike is still saying that Rachel is going in the shower. Rachel is trying to hide in her comforter, but Mike doesn't care, and dumps her in the shower, comforter and all. Mike keeps babbling about The Miz. Meanwhile, Rachel is soaking wet. In an interview, Mike talks like The Miz and I just refuse to recap him when he talks in that voice. I'm sorry. Don't worry -- he's not saying anything important. Or, any more important than what he usually says. Mike walks into the living room and poses with his belt some more. Does that mean that we are done with The Miz?

The next day, Mike buys a keg. Mike voice-overs that it's "Kegger Friday." The roommates all sing a song about Kegger Friday. Malik voice-overs that since their time together is coming to an end, they are all making an effort to hang out together more. Runt is back! He asks where Mike is, and it turns out that Mike is in the confessional booth. Runt grabs the belt, and Kevin shows him to the confessional door. Kevin knocks on the door, and a very drunk Mike tells Kevin to come in and do a confessional with him. Mike opens the door, and notices Runt with the belt. Mike starts chasing Runt around the house. Mike catches him easily, and pins him. Kevin counts the pin. In an interview, Kevin says that Mike gave Runt an atomic wedgie. Oh, and then Mike totally does. For those unfamiliar with the different types of wedgies, the Atomic Wedgie is when you pull the person's underwear up over his or her head. Why, yes, I do have an older brother. Why do you ask? Anyway, Mike practically rips off Runt's underwear (and Runt is giggling and smiling the entire time in a somewhat disturbing fashion), and then Mike and some other guy carry Runt outside and stuff him in a garbage can. It was kind of funny, but also kind of scary, mostly because Runt is so small and defenseless. But he got camera time, which I'm sure was his goal in the first place. Mike dances around Runt and yells about The Miz, and all of Rachel's friends start chanting, "Miz! Miz! Miz!" I bet their neighbors love them.

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