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'Cause Music is My Life!

Lars is then shown performing various duties as an office intern, a lot of which involve shaking hands with various promoters in front of the Bunim-Murray camera crew while he talks in a sit-down about how he was sure he'd score a paying job and how disappointed he is. "We'd like to work with you," says a nameless promoter who is having a mentoring session with Lars. "We'd like to do something with you. We're just not sure what." In other words, "Lars, we'd love to have you around the office with your camera crew so you can stand around in tight pants and bring publicity to the station, but we don't really want to give you any responsibility, because you look like you'd try to reheat a corned beef sandwich in the Xerox machine."

Lars is all forlorn that his career as a London club promoter hasn't progressed as fast as he'd like. "It's not that easy," he says, now that he has to worry about earning money, since the internship is unpaid.

Back to Sharon recovering from the most important operation of her entire life. Sharon is shown jabbering on the phone; then we see more reactions from the roommates who want to use the phone, getting pissed with her. Thanks Bunim-Murray, but I think we got it the first time. Sharon's not even whispering at this point. In a sit-down, Sharon says her roommates were patient with her, and she feels badly that she let them see her caught up in one of her nasty habits. "Verbosity was always my vice," she says to Jay in the kitchen. "It's so hard for her because...she's so alive," says Kat. Raise your hand if you find that statement kind of ominous. "She wouldn't shut up," says Jay. The episode ends with the gang sitting around the kitchen and fighting over how hot each of the solar system planets are. Sharon thinks that Mars is the hottest because it's red, and this is discussed for many minutes until mercifully, this episode ends.

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