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'Cause Music is My Life!

Okay, back to the most important operation in the history of the world, ever! Sharon checks into the hospital and speaks to her surgeon, who assures her that there is little risk. But lest you think everything is going to proceed smoothly, Sharon reveals to her doctor that she's terribly scared of needles. They wheel her into the operating room and give her a tiny injection, which makes her squeak as if she is actually a rubber tire that is being punctured. A gas mask is put over her face, which causes her to lose consciousness and actually stop talking for a few minutes. Um, could we have one of those for the house? ["Um, could we have one of those for everyone on staff here at MBTV?" -- Sars]

Anyway, the operation goes smoothly despite Bunim-Murray's best attempts to inject some contrived suspense into the situation, and Sharon comes back to the house with her mother and is forbidden to speak for a week. Does she follow the advice of her doctors? Hell no! The roommates find it very funny that Sharon of all people is not allowed to talk. "You know the big problem with you is you like to, like, explain everything with lots of words," says Jacinda to Sharon because Jacinda, being a supermodel, has learned how to communicate effectively through gestures, facial expressions, and sashays down the runway.

Between Neil's yammering, Jacinda's teasing, and various well-wishing relatives calling her on the phone, Sharon does not go for more than twenty minutes without opening her mouth. Perhaps someone wants her to lose her voice forever?

Lars gets better and goes in for his interview with Kiss FM, London and explains in a sit-down that working for Kiss FM, London has been a "dream [he has] always had." Those are some pretty feeble dreams, Lars. Let me guess. You grew up in East Berlin. Am I right? Gordon Mack turns out to be one of those aging hipsters who has dreadlocks despite the fact that he's white. They're probably extensions he had put on that morning in anticipation of the MTV crew showing up in his office that day. Anyway, Lars and Gordon have this interview which basically becomes an acting exercise for both of them. Lars is trying to imply that he has club promotion experience without actually having to outright lie. Gordon is trying his best to pretend that this interview would normally be worth his time even if camera crews from MTV weren't in his office. "What I can offer and bring in is my experiences from Germany, my experiences in Italy and...and...and then the connections I have from Germany and Italy," says Lars, reaching really "deep deep down inside" himself for a way to parlay that roadtrip he took during university to pick up some crystal into some actual job experience. Gordon advises Lars to "get into the environment," in order to see how things work in London. In other words, be an unpaid intern.

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