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'Cause Music is My Life!

Later, at dinner, Sharon reveals that her voice has been giving her trouble and she may have a nodule on her throat. While she talks about the ramifications of having a problem with her voice and what that could do to her career, the gang sips wine and listens, each probably thinking to him- or herself, "God, I feel sorry for her, but maybe now she'll shut up." Sharon gets confirmation from the hospital that she's got a nodule and she has to get it removed. "As a singer, my profession -- basically, my job -- is being put on the line by this operation. The slightest slip or misjudgment and my voice could go. I may never be able to sing again." Yeah, right, Sharon. Hey, did I ever tell you about that splinter I had removed from my left big toe when I was four? I swear, if my mother had slipped with those tweezers, my career as a funk-aerobics instructor would have been ruined forever! In the kitchen, Jacinda, Kat, Jay, and Michael, four characters in search of a plot of their own, do their best to pretend to be concerned over the outcome of Sharon's operation. Oh, and Jacinda gives us yet another plot-forwarding dialogue by announcing that Lars has the flu.

Okay, yeah, that's how desperate Bunim-Murray is to fill twenty-two episodes. Lars has the flu. This is actually going to be explored as a plot line. Jeez, couldn't he at least pretend it was heroin withdrawal or something? So then they show a montage of Lars coughing while various house members feel his forehead and ask him how he's feeling. "I was really ill," says Lars. "I had a cough and I had to sneeze and I had a fever and I had a headache and I had to throw up. It was just really bad." Thank you for sharing, Lars, but I do know what flu symptoms are. Now, when you're better, do ya think you could get it on with one of the house members? Thanks.

Oh, but wait. The plot thickens. Michael says in a sit-down that Lars claims that his flu is due to clubbing, smoking, and drinking. "But I don't know," says Michael as the five or six people who are still watching this season lean in for a scoop. "It could be the weather or something."

But what's really important here is not what caused Lars' flu, but rather what Lars' flu is doing to Michael's social life. Michael is upset that Lars won't take him to clubs anymore. Lars is annoyed that Michael keeps bugging him to go out with him. Oh, and then Lars gets dizzy one day and bumps his head on a kitchen counter, leaving a nasty gash above his right eye. Jacinda cleans the wound for him and then they have hot nasty sex on the kitchen table. No, sorry, that doesn't really happen, although she did really clean his wound.

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