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Previously on The Real World: The roommates got to know each other in their hot tub. Chris announced that he is a recovering alcoholic. Kyle told Keri that he couldn't give her what she needs. What she needs is a wake-up call. And what he needs is a swift kick in the ass.

We open with more footage of "The Cough." That's the stupid skit they did about the abusive stepfather. In an interview, Tonya says that Kyle is "a phenomenal actor," but that she doesn't feel she knows him well enough to know if he's acting or just angry. Kyle's little brother, Austin, watches in the audience. On stage, Kyle tries to smother Chris with a pillow. Again, I wonder if this is appropriate for children, really. Also, to answer Tonya's question earlier, I think Kyle is more angry than acting. He's really scaring me. In a confessional, Kyle says that he loves acting and being in the limelight. The skit ends, and the audience claps. Backstage, Kyle says that he saw his brother sitting in the front row, made eye contact, and started laughing. Yeah, he should definitely be a professional actor.

Kyle and Austin walk home. Austin rips on the skit, and how not scary it was. Heh. Go, Austin! Poor kid. How many Austin Powers jokes do you think he hears each day? In an interview, Kyle says that he and Austin have "this really beautiful older brother/younger brother relationship." What other kind of relationship would they have? Scratch that. I don't want to know the answer to that question. Austin continues to rip on Kyle and the skit. In an interview, Kyle says that it's great to vicariously relive his childhood through his brother. So, in other words, he really only likes his brother because he gets to relive his childhood, and not because his brother is a great kid or whatever. Nice. Leave it to Kyle always to bring it back to his favorite topic: himself.

Kyle and Austin play pool. Austin is still ripping on the skit. Heh. Austin wants to play pool without using a cue, so Kyle tries to teach him how to use one. Keri watches from the doorway. Kyle uses the word "axis" to explain how to use it. Yeah, I'm sure that Austin -- who appears to be about eleven years old -- is going to understand the axis. Kyle says that it's a really easy shot. Austin totally biffs it because Kyle gave him no explanation as to where or how hard to hit the cue ball. Kyle tries to pass it off, saying that it was a hard shot, but Austin reminds him that he just said it was easy. Heh. I like that Austin is the only person we've seen so far who calls Kyle on his crap. In an interview, Keri says that Kyle wants to be a perfect person for everyone, and she thinks it makes him look like an ass. True that.

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